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Of digital TV and IPTV contend for grow in intensity

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Liaoqing of our newspaper reporter rises

On July 8, beijing Olympic Games enters a month to time from opening time. The match of global heavy general Yo such as every Olympic Games, world cup, it is the big inning that stimulative broadcasting television develops. Ground of sufficient interest of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of wide cable department develops digital TV, according to statistic, at present user of TV of our country number has exceeded 30 million. In the contention procession that telegraphic operation business also joins TV user, chinese telegraphic not long ago started 574 thousand IPTV machine to carry box invite public bidding on the head. Draw near as the Olympic Games increasingly, of digital TV and IPTV contend for intense with each passing day.

Telegraphic operation business stares at IPTV closely

IPTV is Chinese telecommunication in digital family strategy important one annulus, also be its strategy transition is important cut a point. Chinese telecommunication rises from 2005, begin to be in the province city such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shaanxi to have IPTV business pilot, the strategy that adopts group of medium of as wide as Shanghai article news cooperates, offer dibble seeding, direct seeding to the user, when move, time look, information is browsed, the game medium that faces a television to show serves.

To develop IPTV quickly, chinese telegraphic not long ago started 574 thousand IPTV machine to carry box invite public bidding on the head, this is the means that its use unified invite public bidding for the first time user of extensive development IPTV. This second invite public bidding takes the kind that solicit bid, plan to purchase 574 thousand, its win the bid clear terminal 536 thousand, high-definition terminal 38 thousand. Relevant firm chief discloses, this invite public bidding entered quote phase recently, the manufacturer that participates in invite public bidding in all 12. The development of IPTV relies on the strategy of telegraphic operation business, chinese telegraphic this action means IPTV industry to will greet major a favourable turn.

Besides solve terminal problem, telegraphic operation business is extended in the market of IPTV on also do one's best. Recently, the IPTV that Shanghai telecommunication will roll out January " happy experience " the activity made delay, mobile date of expiration is lengthened from June 30, 2008 on December 31, 2008. Disclose according to message personage, such puissant sales promotion obtained right result really, shanghai IPTV user adds many 10 thousand newly every week now, had developed an user up to now nearly 500 thousand, and target of the end of the year is 750 thousand.

Shanghai is telegraphic besides using sales promotion to expand user scope energetically, also make great efforts quite on content, its are in this year " 5.17 telecommunication day " try business formally to use high-definition IPTV, and still hold high free old standard- - the experience of high-definition IPTV vision that has high-definition network to open IPTV user of the condition to be able to be enjoyed freely 1 year, at the same time telecommunication will come to will have machine top box freely to change to high-definition IPTV machine carries a box on the head and deploy special video jumper for the user. Rolled out recently plus the know-all " encyclopedia of much picture direct seeding, match, edge sees an edge chat, TV rich guest " wait for view of 8 big Olympic Gameses, it may be said is strong hit out.
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