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Shallow the technology that talks about digital annunciate, IPTV and mobile TV i

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As the development of new figure technology, network technology, nearly two years, new-style media rises like the development like emerge, include TV of space of TV of TV of word of exactly the amount, IPTV, mobile phone, mobile TV, floor, high-definition TV to wait for your person to have too many visitors or business to deal with, and each have a characteristic. High-definition TV is TV recreational upgrades replacement, jumping-off place is the pursuit with contented everlasting to TV picture quality people. Key of digital TV, IPTV is in OK and alternant, replace TV recreational kind thereby, and farther fractionize audience; In the meantime, an all in all respect depends on them is a kind but the mode of operation, run user and terminal effectively, provide platform for program content operation. What mobile phone TV emphasizes is convenience terminal, consider people to issue many period of time how to consume a TV program in mobile environment. Floor space TV emphasizes particularly on terminal on period of time extend, in the environment extend. Mobile TV is in the character that has digital TV at the same time, in transmission the means, state that gets used to mobile environment to fall undertook extending. Altogether, pass strong application of the technology, TV is in from watch period of time onefoldly, watch a certain number of respects such as way of means, operation concept, transmission to place emergence gradually, in quality, enclothe, the form that the many levels such as function presented rich and colorful, thereby can with higher quality, cover situation of inside and outside of major period of time, room, get used to a variety of watching means, and develop to industrialization direction stage by stage. Apparent, these new media more ground are defined according to different character of the technology, and it is to be on different level of the technology, below definite operation pattern, they won't be isolated exist, can produce organic combination however.

Digital annunciate

Digital notification system is the dissemination system of outdoors and dynamic information that develops a kind when rise to be based on technology of digital sound video in recent years. Pass screen of a plasma, liquid crystal or the video multimedia network that the indication equipment such as LED joins, the system is OK according to designation period of time, broadcast the position to broadcast designation content, use information of transmission public information, program of advertisement, recreation, sales promotion to wait. Such digital multimedia system is in Lou Yu, hotel, airport, subway, sell field and more outdoors advertisement places have wide application. In home, the application with digital notification more typical system is Lou Yu TV, subway TV and sell a TV. From analysis of main feature angle, what digital notification system emphasizes is by day the TV in this work period of time spreads the effect. Accordingly, use what kind of front, broadcast terminal, transmission passageway to achieve this goal, can make full use of of existing new-style media be illogical technical characteristic, those who make is sufficient and shirt-sleeve, form thereby optimize the ground to make systematic plan.

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