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IPTV and " digital TV " in prospective market competition is analysed

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Summary as the country " digital TV " enclothe a face to expand ceaselessly, two-way network transforms wide report the progressively solid inflict of minute of area and " digital TV " of concerned technology standard come on stage and the quantity of equipment is produced, "Digital TV " evolution appeared new condition, brought a challenge to the IPTV business that is in experiment phase basically, wide report of the IPTV business that the article just faces business of operation of firm network telecommunication from a few and tomorrow " digital TV " the competition of business was done brief elaborate.

1, foreword

IPTV regards broadband network as the business that development latent capacity has extremely on terminal, got originally of business of net telecommunication operation great take seriously, they were built in succession experiment or commercial operation platform.

Do not need doubt, the development of IPTV business promoted the development of digital TV, on the growth that the digital TV user that this expresses government of wide now report to announce not only counts (come from " 2007-2008 year analysis of industry of Chinese number TV and investment seek advice from a report " show, up to by March 2007, amount of user of TV of Chinese wired number is 1 449 10 thousand, user development was carried apparently March fast, and predict 2007 the user of second half of the year increases rate meet faster) , still behave in its technology function and network ability increase on. On technical function and network ability add force to get future " digital TV " had exceeded the definition previously. Future, "Digital TV " will appear with the market competition of IPTV new condition, "Digital TV " the other business development that development gives IPTV business and even firm network telecommunication operation trader brought new challenge.

2, IPTV and " digital TV " similarities and differences

IPTV is with family expenses the television is main indication facility, a variety of technologies such as collect Internet, multimedia, communication at an organic whole, through IP agreement user of homeward front courtyard provides the professional work that a variety of seesaw pattern media serve. IPTV system calls alternant TV again, its construction of system basically includes to shed media service, program to collect make up, memory reachs the subsystem such as attestation plan cost, main memory and deferent content are with MPEG-4 and experimenting the national AVS standard of level be encode core spread media document, be based on IP network to transmit, want to install content allocation to serve node in the brim normally, configuration sorts media service and storage equipment, user terminal can be box of IP machine top television, also can be PC.

"Digital TV " the meaning is not the television in pointing to ordinary other people, the processing that points to TV signal however, transmit, the TV system that digital signal uses in blast off and receiving a process or TV facility. Its are specific transmission process is: By image of TV station missive and sound signal, after be being made via the number is compressed and counting tones of Chinese characters, form digital TV signal, through satellite, ground the means such as wireless broadcast or wired cable conveys, after be being received by digital TV, inspect frequency decipher through digital demodulation and number processing is reductive an original image and audio, because whole process all uses digital technical divisions to manage, so, signal loss is small, it is good to receive the result.
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