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The evolution of IPTV appears shape and influencing factor

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The summary follows a digital media recreational arisen, IPTV attracted industry numerous eyeball, make one of investment focal points of global telecommunication course of study. What wait for an element in policy, market is revulsive below, domestic IPTV entered the development phase of a relatively fast stability. The article basically analysed the development existing state of affairs of domestic and international IPTV and trend, and the main factor that affects development.

1, IPTV brief introduction

IPTV begins to start in the whole world at 20 centuries evening, its develop those who be progressed to wait for many sided with market demand by the technology to drive. 2008 beginning, domestic IPTV develops also from before Yin Qing's variable structure was moved toward Anacreontic change, from a few years before become silent to be more and more person place gradually now understanding and hep.

What is IPTV? IPTV home says popularly for TV of seesaw pattern network, it is one kind uses a broadband to have route network, a variety of technologies such as collect Internet, multimedia, communication at an organic whole, basically offer to domestic user include digital TV inside configuration of the brand-new technology that a variety of seesaw pattern serve, brand-new media.

The professional work that IPTV can provide basically includes TV kind, communication kind and all sorts of appreciation business. Specific for, TV kind the service is to point to the service related to TV business, TV business moves to wait when be being mixed like TV of video order programme, direct seeding; Correspond kind of service is main point to short message of service of the speech business that is based on IP, instant communication, TV to wait; Appreciation business is to show TV shops, interactive advertisement, online game.

The advantage of IPTV depends on coming true to interact truly; At the same time because use TCP/IP agreement, still can apply all sorts of Internet functional confluence, offer the solution of confluence of a kind of 3 nets, make serve a provider to be in advantage position in prospective competition.

The user of IPTV group basically face domestic user, the user can have two kinds of means to enjoy IPTV service in the home: It is the computer; 2 it is box of network machine top common television. Graph the 1 functional sketch map that is IPTV.

Graph the functional sketch map of 1   IPTV

2, existing state of affairs of development of IPTV whole world and trend

IPTV business was rolled out 1999 from British VideoNetworks company hind, a lot of telegraphic operation business entered abroad in succession IPTV market. According to statistic, at present global IPTV serves operation trade measure to already exceeded 200, up to 2007 year end, IPTV user already was broken through 15 million. Investigation orgnaization is forecasted, IPTV user number will increase considerably 2008, number of global IPTV user will achieve 25 million above, it is 10 times 2004 about. Predict two years global IPTV market will change fast dimensions development henceforth, to 2011, number of global IPTV user will be achieved 55 million. But this number is relative the whole world in all for the TV user of 1.2 billion, the development of IPTV just still is in the phase that just starts.
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