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Unscramble the development trend of network video industry

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License plate extends- - set prescription is round in custom

Compere: Problem of license plate of the myopiccest frequency also is a mainer event, are two how look upon of this problem?

Xu Weifeng: Wide report total bureau sent a 56 order by last year December, there is leader of a total bureau to answer again at the beginning of this year Feburary the reporter asks. Cruel 6 it is one of the first batch of companies that take license, our PPS has not been taken, in applying for a process at present. From the point of the footing inside course of study, should direct all video website standardization, because an industry is done not have,run way cannot healthy progress. As PPS for, we are willing to cooperate a government very much the government of relevant section works.

Li Shanyou: Incident of two marks sex can say this year is the turning point with network video successful trend, one is the hookup of the Olympic Games, another is network video license plate extend. The government undertakes administrative to video website, show this industry has grown to need normative level, this is industry maturity one is reflected. When everybody did not have license plate in the past, uncertainty is very strong, good, bad component is not clear. The government has a level now, this cleans out sand like sea same, good meeting comes out slowly, bad meeting is washed out slowly. The jumping-off place that the government does this business is not to strangle this industry absolutely, develop better to allow this trade however. I had had the experience that makes portal website, the news of portal website also is to be done casually previously. The country did newly 1997 announced a provisional provision, must license plate ability makes news. In light of now, the news channel of portal website develops very well. Network video also is same argument, wanting you only is good website, want you to edit attribute, content to superintend a respect to follow what the government keeps very good to communicate all the time in Internet only, the government issues license plate to you with respect to regular meeting. Resemble website of the tip inside such PPS course of study, taking license plate is sooner or later thing.

Xu Weifeng: If this estate is bad, you cannot manage reason end too closely for the government. These a few years, add as the enlarge of the addition of Chinese netizen amount and bandwidth, network video develops very quickly, this big environment that is beneficial to industry development is governmental contribution actually. But, after developing certain level, if develop without foreword,the government feels to go down to be able to bring issue of a lot of societies, published regulation of a few government and byelaw so, this is a favour to network video industry.

Compere: Like cruel such 6 video share a website, a lot of short are passed to the net, have on one hand reflect a netizen lively, also need the examine and verify with try certain on one hand additionally. How should be this thing done?
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