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The innovation of the business mode of IPTV

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IPTV is in experienced media heat is fried and preliminary and pilot hind, operation business returned to reason to think stage by stage in, mature operation business begins to ponder the business mode design of IPTV, "If why satisfying user requirement while the gain that realizes IPTV " the task that makes them be explored ceaselessly, the article will be in already operation business practice and reflection foundation go up, join the development rule of business of telegraphic industry rise in value, offer a few new views to the design of IPTV business mode.

One, the problem in design of mode of traditional IPTV business

In design of IPTV business mode, does operation dealer often think above all " what service ability should IPTV open to attract an user? " , " ability of how many cash does terminal want to be accepted for user place? " and " is the user willing how to many service pay fee? " wait for a problem. Be based on above the market research of these problems often also reachs almost duplicate but the result that also yields operation business to feel bemused at the same time, for example: "The user is ambitious to the demand of order programme of movie and TV the demand at news service, interactive game " , " because was used to,close freely inspect, the user is not willing to buy the chance that increases newly to carry a box on the head " , " user to serving expense bear ability cannot at present cable television service expends tower above too much " etc.

Be based on the positive result that the market studies, operation business is in early days is pilot in used the business pattern that gives low end chance freely to carry a box on the head, the IPTV of a lot of places is pilot give priority to dozen of content with the order programme of film TV, when business is publicized, also use in succession " network TV " " broadband DVD " wait for a name.

However reality gave operation business small setback however, because the business mode that telecommunication of original Hong Kong is filled with division NOW differs the market competition environment of dissimilation and cannot copy in China, the wired service that with video of movie and TV the service sells the IPTV of the dot to because place is taller,be in Hong Kong for core is expended and have the gain space of wide extensive, but the double refashion that expends rate and pilfer edition DVD in wired service of inland falls about, because of,the user often is met " the TV program looked quite " or be " the HDVD that still is inferior to buy high pressure to shrink " wait for reason and reduced IPTV pay apiration. Then, industry all circles began to generate suspicion to the development foreground of IPTV, the operation business of partial area because bigger bureau carries initial stage,terminal investment and user pay apiration inferiorly and also was immersed in disbursement condition.

How to break at present the deadlock of IPTV? We need to undertake the reflection of innovation afresh from business mode angle.
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