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IPTV (network TV) test application setting introduces - [1]

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1 foreword

Up to in June 2007, there had been more than 200 to include business of equipment manufacturer, operation inside global limits inside the IPTV with the banner industry that the user provides in use IXIA place checks a solution.

Different user checks the key of attention to also differ somewhat to IPTV, after the IPTV of IXIA whole checks the equipment test before the solution includes IPTV network deploy and deploy check and accept check and defend a test daily. The solution of IXIA IPTV test of article introduction basically is the test before be aimed at deploy, include two fields: Equipment of relevant network of IPTV of development of equipment manufacturer research (VOD server, IPTV gateway, DSLAM, IPTV group sows switching equipment and road by implement etc) the equipment property that needs to undertake checks; Operation business builds imitate environment in the lab, whether can the network that place of test and verify plans bear the weight of well the system testing of IPTV business.

Graph the 1 IPTV network that is a model, the equipment performance of each component of the business test that IXIA can offer whole system to carry end and system checks. Basically include test of VOD video server; Group sow video fluidity to measure a test; Channel switch time tests; The network bears the weight of video capability checks; Brim network checks; Receive network test; Network video sheds passivity to monitor the DNS in analysing test and network framework with quality, DHCP, LDAP, the function of all sorts of servers such as RADIUS checks. The article basically applies setting to make one introduction to the commonnest test.