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Shallow the advantage that talks about IPTV and development direction

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Current, IPTV system technology already began in succession by the world business of each big telegraphic operation is wholesale use and deploy. Be in abroad, american VERIZON, SBC and QUEST telephone company, company of shellfish Er Canada, MANITOBA telephone company and SASKTEL telephone company, the French telecommunication of Europe, Italy telecommunication, SWI SSCOM and TELEFONICA trade that already began IP TV and technical experiment or commercial operation. Company of telephone of French telecommunication, MANITOBA and SASKTEL telephone company already had 100 thousand respectively, 20 thousand with user of TV of seventeen thousand five hundred IP. In home, chinese telecommunication is connected in net of Guangdong and Shanghai, China developed the IPTV operation test that is based on broadband ADSL to receive a network respectively in Beijing and northeast.

IPTV(Internet Protocol TV OR Interactive Personal TV) also calls seesaw pattern network TV, it is the infrastructure that uses broadband network, serve as main terminal unit with family expenses television or computer, a variety of technologies such as collect Internet, multimedia, communication at an organic whole, through internet network agreement (IP) user of homeward front courtyard is offerred include digital TV inside the brand-new technology that digital media serves a variety of seesaw pattern. IPTV can be used offer will inspect frequency to shed media program, the TV program that be like IP, from program center (Firstmile) broadcast, accept a web through net of backbone net, city land with certain boundaries and broadband (Lastmile) transmit, carry the complete technology solution of end till what be received by the user.

The characteristic of IPTV and advantage

In recent years, IPTV by consider as generally domestic and internationally " 3 nets are shirt-sleeve " the most valuable in the process " killer class " business. With blame is alternant model digital TV appearance is compared, because IPTV has the symmetrical and alternant advantage of IP net, have very agile alternant character and advantage, this basically reflects in:

Above all, IPTV can provide the content service of a variety of forms. Digital TV depends on broadcasting television net to offer a TV program to the user, the user can need the TV program that company of dibble seeding programming offers beforehand according to his, implementation individuation is watched. And to IPTV, the TV program is its among them one fraction content only. At present telegraphic branch can provide professional work of following 3 kinds of IPTV: TV kind business, communication kind business and all sorts of appreciation business. TV kind business has transcribe of video of TV of broadcasting television, order programme, individual to wait; Correspond kind of business is main short message of service of the speech business that is based on IP, instant communication, email, TV waits; Appreciation business basically includes TV to shop, conduct financial transactions of game of interactive advertisement, network, electron, long-range education, long-range medical treatment.
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