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Unscramble new broadband 10 ask IPTV dreams when to be illuminated into reality

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Broadband 10 ask: 1 why to ask 5 years development has the broadband to change? 2 ask whole business the broadband moves toward He Fang? Do the 3 actual distances that ask FTTH have many far? 4 what is asking complete IP ultimate goal? 5 when to ask IPTV dreams to be illuminated into reality? 6 how to ask a broadband the industry to informatization is started? 7 how to ask a country the broadband gains ground? 8 ask a broadband what kind of change the Olympic Games brings? The 9 good luck that how ask a broadband the industry captures informatization and industrialized confluence? 10 what is asking AVS industrialization the key?

Develop piece

1 why to ask 5 years development has the broadband to change?

Once somebody puts forward, chinese economy is backward, communication was not necessary to gain ground so fast, want business of broadband of the generation below development to do not have the market for certain now. Yang Peifang thinks the answer is negative, it is now before communication market has mixed 5 years, differ completely, the small-sized office environment, mobile environment and small-sized family give priority to individual communication means after 5 years has held the mainstream of communication means; 2 it is now broadband business exceeds picturephone category already, development goes more broadbands recreation of family of interactive, network, game, mobile fixed position, detect the data business such as control.

Yang Peifang thinks, our country somebody complains Wu of telegraphic operation commerce is onefold on one hand now, lack new point of growth; Complain bandwidth resource is insufficient again on the other hand, restrict large flow user to get online. Be not it is thus clear that without demand, however traditional concept and industrial economy regulation restricted three hundred million and ten people to be opposite the demand of new communication business.

Wei Leping thinks, chinese telecommunication values the progress of the broadband very much, because user demand is the first driving force, market performance is already apparent, current broadband still cannot satisfy the requirement of the user, all sorts of new application that use a large number of bandwidth are appearing ceaselessly, chinese telecommunication is having deep knowledge to this. But he also expresses, broadband industry must hold to the development road that health can last.

Zhang Chengliang expresses, through contrasting with the broadband photograph 5 years ago, can see clearly, the user increases to bandwidth demand twice. People has not been satisfied at news to browse, send and receive the application such as information of E-mail, search, order programme of IPTV, video use up bigger new business to develop quickly to bandwidth. In the meantime, people online frequency second growth is splitting, the information content that gets from Internet also shows explosive type growth, these quickened bandwidth use up, increase a network to transmit bandwidth to had made inevitable trend.

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