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When to think what business of Chinese IPTV appreciation grows - [1]

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To IPTV industry, bear the weight of the video business on its and appreciation business are to supplement each other, depend on the substantial that put each other. With respect to industrial development character, video business is a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that IPTV develops, with video this one most the professional work that the user approves is cut, will in order to change the function that the user watchs time to manacle and rich video content enlarge user dimensions. For the industry development lays a foundation. And over the foundation in user dimensions, appreciation business provides demand of more recreational, recreation, life through satisfying an user, pass the pluralism of appreciation business and fine become divided, build the long end crowd of industrial user, already farther sticky stiff user, precipitate again the high spending throng that gives an user. Promote the industry of IPTV value further.

Enter when IPTV industry of China August 2008, according to shedding media net statistic, IPTV user of China group had achieved 1.97 million, and be in Shanghai, user dimensions already came 550 thousand, have the user base that appreciation business expands. The income that appreciation business regards telegraphic operation business as to develop IPTV future is main one of origin, got telegraphic operation business all the more take seriously, among them the IPTV laboratory that Shanghai telegraphic academy establishs at hanging out his shingle on June 25, 2008, assuming the development of appreciation business and exploration responsibility. Above sea is start, the appreciation business level that IPTV industry develops, entering value to present level by business exploration stage by stage.

Went knowing the development train of thought of business of appreciation of each district IPTV and business pattern recently, feel current to still be in on the development of telegraphic operation business in appreciation business fumble condition, locate in oneself and still is a lot of to deserve the place that discuss on development train of thought.

One, business grows train of thought: Catch put greatly small or demand perfection is blamed

The development course of business of Chinese IPTV appreciation all the time since belong to planned economy, dominant of market of and rather than.

The estate is prime (in the past) : It is a purpose in order to increase the product competition ability of oneself, systematic manufacturer was assumed introduce appreciation business business (abbreviation SP) duty, telegraphic operation business lacks his development train of thought in this phase. A lot of SP of that phase had become martyr.

Industrial metaphase (now) , as telegraphic operation business thorough to the understanding of IPTV, differentiate as the duty of business of wide report license plate and telegraphic operation business, telecommunication begins the development of business of appreciation of direct dominant IPTV and business development. But because telegraphic sortie is too deep, interpose is too much, go up in certain level instead block up the development of appreciation business, manacled the vigor of SP, make a lot of SP are immersed in the condition that be in a dilemma, market performance is be in power to must not be divided, affected the telegraphic oneself bewilderment to appreciation business profit finally conversely.
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