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Resurgence Yu Yi square: AVS IPTV industry grows steadily

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On May 21 morning, in Chinese forum " interactive media and AVS standard forum " go up, yu Yi of resurgence newsletter vice president just expresses, the AVSIPTV industry of our country grows steadily, industrial catenary is formed stage by stage, resurgence communication obtained innovation sex positive result on IPTV development.

AVS is 3 nets confluence cut a point

Current, IPTV operation business has 4 kinds of pattern, traditional pattern, TV mode, digital media mode and telegraphic mode, but these mode are mutual independence, of separate development. But the development as the technology, the manufacturer of different management pattern accumulated resource of better content, copyright and administrative experience, how to rise such operation result union, roll out confluence, well-rounded operation program, the key that makes transition of Wu of commerce of firm network operation.

In the past, domestic and international IPTV business most the complement that beginning is TV merely. As the ceaseless maturity of ceaseless development of the technology and industry, IPTV solved the problem of TV not just, still solve the problem of operation.

Yu Yi just expresses, resurgence communication is exploring the application of IPTV a few this years stage by stage. As the maturity of IPTV and stability, appreciation demand for service will get showing, media, communication, information, business affairs, recreation bear the weight of on IPTV platform.

Have wholesale business to use capacity

Through contrasting with the product of other, the technology of AVSIPTV opens gender, autonomy, compatibility to be shown already completely. Use in real business in, of industrial catenary simplify to should have an advantage more than complicationing, of AVS industry catenary change numerous for brief the foundation that is extensive operation.

Yu Yi just introduces, resurgence communication is based on the IPTV solution of AVS, considered integral sex, but expansibility, but operation sex and dependability design a principle 4 times, reach the level that end carries out to upright whole platform basically. Resurgence communication is mature the compatibility of processor of coder, content; And, from can receive 10 thousand node only at first, develop hundred thousands of node, revealed good but expansibility.

As a result of the complexity of telegraphic operation, arrive from two class framework 3 class framework, arrive likely even in the operation mode of 4 class framework, AVSIPTV has the city of the collect Chinese style that can support the operation with extensive IPTV to change operation management system, still have perfect business system framework. From dependability for, as hardware platform and software platform, those who include to invent the technology such as decipher is ceaseless and perfect, AVSIPTV had large-scale commercial capacity completely.

Resurgence communication prepared a series of solution, help operation business solves a lot of problem that encounters in operation. AVSIPTV structural frame can realize the many systems such as education management, information management, media management to move, offer sale of lottery of informatization of advertising, country, long-range education, sports to wait for a variety of specific professional work, came true truly fictitious turn operation.
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