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2008 first half of the year check of Chinese IPTV market - [1]

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Was destined 2008 is Chinese communication industry a year when face the most changeful change, the TD business that brews a long time is used, telecommunication recombined to there is the result in 6 this short first half of the year the middle of a month. See the IPTV market that seemed passionate flinch how much be under so gorgeous setting some are bleak without light, allow independence of coessential, platform, user inside before a lot of block up such as hardship of finite, gain, IPTV is going with decay the development with new seek.

July 2008, china's biggest ICT seeks advice from a research organization - Inc. of Sai Di adviser (CCID Consulting, stock code: HK8235) issuance data shows: Number of Chinese IPTV user already was achieved first half of the year 2008 1.545 million, especially Chinese telegraphic respect, increase of strength ceaselessly as promotion, user quantity growth is swift and violent.

2008 first half of the year check of Chinese IPTV market

Graph 1 2003-2008 year Chinese IPTV user is counted first half of the year

The State Council " an article " meaning driving 3 nets confluence, actual yield results is very small

In January 2008, " transmit of general office of the State Council develops innovation appoint the announcement that waits for a branch to develop a certain number of policy about urging digital TV industry " come on stage, point out clearly among them " encourage broadcasting television orgnaization to use a country the website sth resembling a net such as public communication network and broadcasting television net provides digital TV service and appreciation telecommunication professional work. In the meantime, in accord with a country to fall about the premise that pitchs financing policy, support includes state-owned and telegraphic company inside state-owned capital participates in digital TV to receive network construction and TV sink digitlization to transform " .

IPTV comes for years times suffer policy worry, new regulation aims to drive telecommunication and broadcasting television market across of mutual and open, business competes, began appreciation business and business of IPTV of development of telegraphic operation business to level for wide report road. However, 2008 first half of the year, IPTV increases area amount newly finite, already began in trying commercial area, heilongjiang and growth of Henan user number are slow, only Shanghai achieved high speed growth. This is considered as to have " broken ice " the State Council that lift " an article " because lack follow-up specific law, measure, byelaw, became a government finally to make known his position in a of long-term strategy level merely, and the action next to nothing that produces in the near future development of IPTV.