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The expert is forecasted, after China will become afterwards United States the whole world the 2nd how to prevent the market greatly, and with annual the rate of 20% above rises, the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, " 3111 " how can pilot project prevent the market to form tremendous business chance to China, and the steady progress that China's continual construction climax also prevents the market to install provided the soliddest basis, video monitoring will serve as the number how to prevent the market with the mainest facility. According to the statistic of Chinese communal safety net, at present the manufacturer of video supervisory equipment of Chinese inland 90% above dimensions is lesser, the company that forms industrial dimensions and actual strength of ego research and development truly is not much. Surpass a group as the heart that in Chinese electron 100 strong companies rank the 19th, those who having industry of 20 old electrons accumulate and precipitate, 2005 year sale amounts to 17.02 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect amount to 1.51 billion U.S. dollor, have the technical center of national level and the group of research and development of 2000 much people, and pervade product sale of the whole nation and service system. Concerned personage expresses, video monitoring is a special industry, like heart contest of such large company enter, the will strong health that promotes industry of monitoring of our country video develops, and in the maintenance of technical research and development and system the respect has safeguard more. He points out at the same time, not long ago achieves dimension high-key also announce to enter video monitoring industry, as enterprise of electron of numerous and large information intervene, advantage of Wu of kimono of the dimensions that these company place have, brand, research and development, also will make the pattern of whole industry produces major change accordingly.

Market current situation reviews with look into

× × regards Chinese video monitoring as one of preeminent companies of the domain, the delectable result that has obtained at present, year sale is close to 100 million yuan to close greatly, product export 98% , overseas sale network is firm, market gain in order, industry group is stable, outstanding achievement promotes steadily, the market extends ceaselessly.

Apparently look, everything is benign, foreground is good forever, the crisis seems to leave very far away, however, "Be prepared for danger in times of safety, against a rainy day " just be the enterprise is done do greatly strong, the crucial strategy thinking of abiding development, world head is rich if often be being hanged in mouth edge, Biergaici is most " Microsoft leaves go bankrupt to have 18 months only " , domestic enterprise more should such, have earlier than adversary arousal only momently, ability is obtained live finally opportunity; Act earlier than adversary only one pace, ability wins final decisive victory.

Market reality state how? How does product manufacturer become brand manufacturer? Product exit and brand exit are completely different thing.
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