Technology of wireless video monitoring and system are summed up

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One, wireless video monitoring makes the development way with new supervisory system

As the day of wireless communication technology profit grows, transmission bandwidth rises ceaselessly, the ability of real time information processing of communication terminal increases at full speed, wireless multimedia uses the central point that makes the attention inside course of study with each passing day, also make the inevitable demand of people. One of its mainstream application are supervisory system of advantage, flexible video of wireless real time, wait like monitoring of wireless family guard against theft, car. The mobile video monitoring that is based on a variety of wireless transmission methods already made the development way with video new monitoring with its peculiar flexibility.

Wireless change video monitoring to include two respects content: It is the shift of monitoring center. Normally the circumstance falls, by monitoring object or it is camera often be fixed, and the use person that serves as supervisory system (monitoring center) can be trends. 2 be video monitoring network is wireless change. When monitoring the dot disperses and as further as monitoring center distance, or when be not being secured by monitoring object, use the video monitoring technology of traditional and wired network, often cost is high and come true hard.

Wireless monitoring and traditional monitoring program photograph are compared, can shun much wiring work, save construction cost, relocation capability is strong, flexibility is tall, have the following advantage specifically: (1) integrated cost is low, need not dig channel to bury a canal, suit the distance outdoor particularly relatively the circumstance that prep as far as already had decorated; Use what wireless monitoring can cast off wire cable to manacle, have setup cycle weak point, maintain convenient advantage. (2) group net is agile, but expansibility is good, when using terminal unit of can quick move. (3) transform convenient, uphold charge low.

2, the crucial technology that wireless video supervisory system involves

1. The video of efficient, interference rejection makes up decipher mechanism

Current video compresses a standard to have MPEG and H.26X two old series. MPEG-4 already applied at Internet to shed media domain at present, shed pair of sensitivity that pile up by accident to reduce MPEG-4 video as far as possible, the refreshment after with assuring to compress video solution is pressed quality, MPEG-4 offerred a variety of fighting to pile up a tool by accident, bear the weight of the real time network that sheds media business transmits layer and rock-bottom mobile system to also can improve those who shed media to transmit to fight further pile up function by accident. MPEG-7 is made in the light of memory form or the application that shed a form, use at the retrieval of multimedia information not just, can use at widely more other the domain related to management of multimedia information content, and can be mixed in real time be not the operation in real time environment.
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