The digitlization of freeway video transmits shallow analyse network

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21 centuries are the times of an information, in this time that grows the mainstream for the times with IT, the seasonable, direct transmission of information already made the pressing demand of people. Managing especially, traffic, shop in the industry that waits for a few daily life be closely bound up with people, the direct, real time of information popularizes demand by to highlight. And in all information, what speech picture signal brings people is most visual information, also be people the times information that gets favour gets way, because it is,in the working process of fast rhythm people gained time and benefit. This is right popularized direct and relevant transmission system to raise a requirement with the direct, real time of speech picture news, go up in traffic especially.   

And delegate transportation industry is at present advanced the supervisory system in the freeway of productivity, still also stay on traditional imitate video monitoring. Traditional imitate video monitoring can offer Xiaofan to surrounded area monitors and be controlled only, the direct, real time that wants to obtain speech image information gains ground and focus management, implementation rises not only it is the price considerable, and technical difficulty is taller. But in science and technology of swift and violent development today, the function that handles information to had been reached at larger dominant position is being had for traditional imitate pattern relatively with digital means / the price, include to be in current mostly in CCTV equipment likewise applicable. In PC market of swift and violent development drive under, content of science and technology is increased ceaselessly reach the price to drop ceaselessly, make digital technology is marched toward practical become a possibility.

Digital video is course of signal of will traditional imitate samples, quantify and encode becomes binary digit signal, the processing that has all sorts of functions next, transmit, keep lay aside and record, also can undertake handle and be controllinged with the computer. Digital video equipment can obtain taller than original imitate equipment specifications not only, and the new function that still has imitate technology short of.

From the point of specific technology angle, digital video has the following advantage:

One, digital signal makes up decipher technology to make noise is not accumulated stage by stage through second birth technology and error correction in transmission process, do not produce noise basically, carry a letter comparing of a confusion of voices is basic and changeless, quality of picture receiving end is primary with inchoative and consistent, suit much link, Sunday run to transmit. This dispute often accords with freeway couplet net and patulous main feature and demand;

2, signal of input of digital video equipment is stable and reliable, can avoid to lose true influence in linear of imitate system Central Africa, disappear distributes gain besides DG(difference) with DP (poor cent is phasic) lack fidelity the image distortion that cause;  
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