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Wireless monitoring develops setting

Wireless monitoring is operation business seeks the main alternative of business new window at present. According to concerning data statistic, 2007, the overall dimensions of market of Chinese video monitoring reached 4.1 billion dollar, the country asks to advance " science and technology is powerful alarm build with restful city " . Predict 2008, "Restful city " construction will exceed 100, this gives network video monitoring and wireless monitoring product to bring tremendous business chance undoubtedly. Develop wireless broadband to be received, the most important is compose builds much application business, can wait for application to regard as with direct of video monitoring, lash-up, mobile office cut a point. Only applied development rises, ability attracts more users, realize dimensions gain.

The advantage of wireless monitoring

Accompanying the construction of wireless city inside countrywide limits, wireless receive enter rapidder development period. In wireless receive construction initial stage, emphasize it receiving kind as the free perhaps broadband with social cheap community commonly, get online convenient user broadband to be measured as the main impetus that develops wireless town. In fact, wireless broadband is received accept plan as last kilometer, the photograph such as as fiber-optic as the tradition, ADSL, CableModem decorates wireless link respect to have the advantage that cannot compare quickly than be in, can provide a service for final user inside several hours. Run terminal as the hand (mobile phone, PDA) a large number of occurrence, sexual price compares rise gradually, more and more users begin to use mobile terminal unit.

The wireless network that wireless monitoring uses has convenient and quick, removability the characteristic such as shift of high speed of strong, support. The basis uses the need of the unit, can increase at any time, the position that decrease or changes network monitoring spot, the executes supervisory mission car that moves to high speed very also can become mobile monitoring to nod. In the meantime, wireless monitoring covers range with its the advantage with as agile, convenient as wired monitoring confluence position of wide, deploy, can serve as the strong complement of wired monitoring at present. In addition, wireless monitoring still is like next advantages.

Low cost: The relevant cost that raises when the in order to of lunar rent charge that uses line of the high cost cost that wireless net can avoid to install wire cable, hire and equipment need are mobile.

Flexibility: Because do not have the limitation of wire cable, have agile expansibility, wireless monitoring still can add new monitoring point easily at any time.

Shift sex: Setting of wireless local area network allows an user to visit network data in any any time, places, do not need to appoint specific visit place, because this user is OK,roam in the network.

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