Apply product of camera of network of extensive gun type to recommend - [1]

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As supervisory system gain ground with each passing day, camera is applied extensively in each domains, escort the Emperor for security of society convoy. Every different application domain, need has the camera of different type, camera of gun type network is a kind among them.

Camera of gun type network is a fixed camera, different is, rifle bolt needs to deploy shield additionally, the scorch limits of gun type camera depends on chosen camera lens, can from arrive severalfold a few times differ, and of camera lens it is easier to change. The applied range of gun type camera is wider, what the basis chooses camera lens is different, can come true remote monitoring or extensive role monitoring, applied circumstance is wider than hemisphere also.

In the meantime, camera of gun type network also the network camera with other is same, it is a kind of union the new generation camera of traditional camera and generation of network technology place, it is OK will video pass to earthly other one aspect of the matter through the network, person of Ju Yuanduan that browse does not need to use any professional software, the network browser that wants a standard only (be like " Microsoft IE or Netscape) can monitor its are video.

The digitlization that camera of gun type network is based on image and compress add communication of control of close, real time, network to transmit wait for a technology, video number is added according to compressing close hind, use TCP/IP agreement, through inside embedded video server sends an user terminal via local area network or Internet, the user can use address of IP of network browser basis to have a visit to network camera on his PC, watch real time image and control camera camera lens and cloud station, execute all-around real time monitoring to the target.

Below, the product of camera of gun type network that we will introduce a few mainstreams for the user, the user that the hope can give monitoring of video of choose and buy camera is referenced.