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How does information of electronic eye monitoring manage - [1]

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Spit everywhere on the ave, throw rubbish in disorder does nobody see? You are wrong, in big city, the probe of tens of thousands of is giving a city kinescope in 24 hours of ground, these never rest " electronic police " while awe crime upholds public order, also let people be like feel uneasy: Have at the back of every probe more than a pair of eyes, can these eyes use probe to peep our normal life? The individual privacy that who will come to assure us does not suffer encroach? Accomplishment of conscience morality, individual and even professional standard can't let people set one's mind at, on this problem, can let what the citizen is free from anxiety have rigid legal standard only.

News is answered put

The closest period of time, the incident that is used at ensuring a citizen to be photographed safely to be used at ill will to peep by monitoring personnel however like the head originally caused a mighty uproar on the net. In May, according to " southern Metropolis Daily " report, on the public information website of Shenzhen government sector, in information of road video what is actually happening, actually " spot direct seeding " daily life of the dweller. Look from camera lens, this is photographed aimed building of a dweller like the head, camera lens encounters light to stop in the search, female dweller bathes, the individual privacy picture such as male dweller strip is caught by this camera lens, make public direct seeding of the whole world on the website in the government.

" southern Metropolis Daily " the reporter discovers in investigation, this road surface is photographed be located in like the head by crossroads of elegant garden of Shenzhen collect lake, installation is on high-rise, submit gun form, can 180 degrees of roll. Monitoring area is very large. When by day, should photograph point to urban mainstay line and trestle like the head, everything is normal. But, after before dawn, should photograph wore like the head " maize glasses " , begin to search privacy picture.

Road surface is photographed like the head " direct seeding " female dweller bathes

Ten branches are used possibly photograph like the head

After this incident happening, chief gave out related Shenzhen city public security bureau reason: This is photographed resembling a head is to draw lessons from Hong Kong and website of domestic and international government to get online information of monitoring of road surface video to traffic has the way that block up and be installed in order to decrease, shenzhen city installed probe and closed-circuit television in a few crossing that often produce a car, transmit the picture offer a citizen to make a reference to the net.

Police still says, road surface photographs the department that uses like the head to have more than 10, include city lash-up to lead the government sector such as canal of center, public security, city, traffic, environmental protection, the evening shift personnel that bad judgement is which branch after all operates photograph peek resembling a head civilian curtilage, because this is planted,the operation won't leave a mark.

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