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Public security bureau of the Fuzhou City is strengthened below active exploration new condition alarm the new approach that Wu activity supervises, use method of information of science and technology, built complete province first " public security bureau alarm Wu activity controls a center " , move at was being thrown on December 20, 2007, came true alarm informatization of Wu activity network, assure " where does the influence exercise of public security mechanism go to, supervisory antenna is outspread where to go to " , the height that gained the Ministry of Public Security is affirmative, pass " construction of public security supervisory informatization demonstrates to communicate an activity " to the whole nation 14 provinces city is popularized.

In recent years, job of public security of the Fuzhou City and team construction are strengthened ceaselessly, masses satisfaction is led also year after year rises, but a few policemen still exists to abuse the problem such as pervert the law of influence, practise favouritism in team construction. Be supervised to be strengthened further and restrict, enhance supervisory actual effect, solve supervisory force inadequacy, supervisory method the situation with not much, supervisory not whole content, public security bureau of the Fuzhou City is explored actively alarm Wu supervises new approach, put forward " want to supervise to science and technology, to supervise should alarm force, should figure, want fighting capacity " target, begin to build " alarm Wu controls a center " .

The reporter sees in building of city public security, "Alarm Wu controls a center " the big platform that the system is informatization of a network, be clear at a glance of video of each real time on surveillant big screen. It distributes 11 old systems in all, have facility advanced, enclothe wide, function all ready, operation is handy wait for a characteristic, the circumstance of check on work attendance to public security policemen, attitude of attending to guests, depend on according to discipline compasses handle a case, style construction undertake mutiple level, all-around informatization is supervised.

Informatization of the Fuzhou City alarm Wu monitors serious actual effect. Basically violate the difficulty problem in the outstanding issue in violating discipline and army government around the issue with masses strong report, policemen, be in again promotion " service quality " , " execute the law quality " and " the team provides quality " .

It is reflect intense problem around masses, strengthen service quality to supervise. Build the window to serve supervisory system, 665 are installed in team of basic level place and service window place globose photograph like head and 332 recording equipment, at any time superintend external affairs, door politics, the v/arc be on the throne of policeman on guard that public security, police station serves the hall and traffic violate the rules and regulations to accept the window, wear by the regulation circumstance of internal affairs of window of Wu of kimono of outfit, attitude of attending to guests, work efficiency, correct violate compasses act. Be on duty through team of basic level place the window is nodded to telling a system to breathe out at any time be on duty a leader, be on duty policeman and equipment are diligent circumstance of v/arc be on the throne of policeman on guard, through be on duty at the same time phone recording controls a system, superintend each unit is on duty the policeman is accepting masses to call the police, appeal, the manner in advisory service is enthusiastic, solve seek advice correct, place alarm appropriate, have deny with be on duty general affairs of phone processing individual.
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