The reflection to supervisory system of telegraphic class video

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One, overview of video supervisory system

Video supervisory system is safety is on guard systematic component, it is one kind is on guard the comprehensive system with stronger capability. Video monitoring applies content of intuitionistic, convenient, information is rich and extensively at a lot of circumstances with its.

Traditional video monitoring is main with imitate system (namely CCTV system) give priority to, accept the restriction that signal of transmission imitate video is apart from, agree with normally the area monitoring of little scope (wait like place of single building, little scope) , cannot long-range monitoring, departmental cent is run independently, patulous ability of the system is poor, new facility adds original system hard, in recent years, as the flying development of the computer, network and image processing, transmission technology, video supervisory system forward network of digitlization of front unifinication, video, monitoring, system is compositive change, the way that video processing intelligence changes develops.

Graph 1 Video monitoring market is formed forecast

From the graph 1 can see, because imitate system is in a lot of respects more and more the requirement that satisfies an user hard, since on 90 time begin the century, digitlization video supervisory system holds main position slowly, and have supersede the climate of original imitate system finally.

Digitlizing video monitoring is what how prevent electronic technology development with what IT is core is inevitable. Efficiency of digital signal spectrum is tall, interference rejection ability is strong, lack fidelity little, can undertake data image is handled, make convenient inquiry retrieves become a possibility; Can use a network to transmit video to flow, transmission distance is far, can use open mode agreement, make how prevent each reach between subsystem how to prevent the implementation between system and other information system network join and information are interactive with share. Agile and patulous, economy is practical, digitlization video monitoring covers the monitoring camera equipment, market product that fabricates equipment of matrix of decoder, video, storage, video to manage platform, transmission network to wait for each respect.

Fear waiting for the change of international situation instead as the whole world, and ask to the couplet net of original supervisory system, if circumstances of a lot of burgeoning video monitoring application cross a province / how is family of the demand of monitoring of the safety that cross region that steps need of place of city large company, individual prevented etc, average digital video supervisory system satisfies these requirement very hard, these systems are to the requirement of video supervisory system with be based on large-scale application is a foundation substantially, to these circumstances we need to consider a few new tasks.
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