"Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking " completion video monitoring exceed

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The new center of the finance of Shanghai, information and culture

World finance magnetic field is born

The world highest * that is located in area of mouth of home of land of new developed area of Chinese Shanghai Pudong (the building is 101 tall, 492 meters) freeboard layer is integrated edifice " center of Shanghai round-the-world banking " (English name: ShanghaiWorldFinancialCenter) be about to completion is enabled.

In Chinese government and Shanghai municipal government support energetically below, of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking build condensed China to build project head office - Shanghai builds project (group) project of head office SWFC always contracts the capability of building construction technology with masterly combine; Luo Baixun of • of manage of office of American KPF architect, Lai Sai combines Inc. (LERA) and modern building designs Shanghai (group) limited company, Hua Dongjian builds design academy limited company ability of excellent building and structural design; Dark the plan with edifice mature company limited and operation government ability. This project is to give full cooperation with all possible means the collect international latest technology below, professional knowledge and the building high-quality goods that carry out experience.

The international banking center that center of Shanghai round-the-world banking is located in China and Shanghai municipal government to drive Chinese economy to develop to be built energetically and carry out strategical the area of development (area of trade centre of finance of mouth of home of land of Shanghai Pudong new developed area) in the center of. In financial domain open to the outside world the China that policy is able to advance ceaselessly, project of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking has what can satisfy demand of the business that cross a state the most advanced office facilities, the world's highest sightseeing hall (ground height amounts to 474 meters) , the Shanghai Bai Yue public house that can provide world top class service, for internationally what the activity such as the conference provides excellent service is muti_function conference establishment, and the culture medium center that disseminates the information such as newest economy, finance, culture and art and commercial establishment.

In the meantime, base oneself upon of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking at " world finance magnetic field " this one concept, use its powerful magnetic pull, draw global information and public figure, create effect of tide, generation, surmount before the concept of international banking center, what will become the new banking center of Asian the first of all and culture medium center is indicative, reveal business affairs giving market, culture and sightseeing function at an organic whole flourishing with glamour.

Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking begins to already partial tenement is entered from June 2008 be stationed in office building, the world's highest sightseeing hall also will open to the outside world formally on August 30, of all kinds establishment also will be enabled stage by stage later. Expect Chinese Shanghai economy grows the birth of newly mark please.
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