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In recent years, market of Chinese video monitoring gets " restful city " the driving stimulation that project, Olympic Games prevents project and each district, each industry how to prevent project demand to quicken the element such as growth and pull move, obtained rapid development, integral market dimensions expands quickly. 2007, the overall dimensions of market of Chinese video monitoring already amounted to 18.1 billion dollar, and the rapid development that future will last and stabilizes. Accompanying the rapid development of the market, float revealed relevant question and challenge, it is however in this one process, also created corresponding opportunity.

Market of Chinese video monitoring experienced imitate monitoring, number monitoring and network monitoring 3 main stage.

According to the market survey of IDC, in 3 years of in the past, regard the imitate of technology of monitoring of generation video as monitoring, because bigger limitation is had on range of picture quality, monitoring, market share sufferred the atrophy of older rate. However, as a result of its easily deploy, easily a lot of characteristic such as application and outstanding price advantage, it is extensive still deploy applies at specific industry and in the area. As a whole, because China makes the development progress of the demand with huge market of stereo frequency monitoring and disequilibrium, if do not have generation to be able to replace the new technology of imitate monitoring completely on cost, imitate monitoring market will still long-standing.

Digital monitoring regards the 2nd generation after afterwards imitate monitoring as monitoring technology, no matter be in picture quality, save time and dependability to go up to all have substantially promotion, offerred the monitoring solution that tall sex price compares for the user. Current, digital monitoring already the video monitoring solution that firmly ground makes market of monitoring of dominant whole video, mature deploy wait for an industry at finance, commerce in. Provider of home's famous video monitoring solution, if Haikangwei is inspected, blue is interstellar wait, because the project that abounds inside the country is gotten to carry out experience in oneself industry, gained more market opportunities. In the final user survey of IDC, quite the purpose that one part user stems from protection to have investment already, often upgrade in what already built base of video supervisory system on the project, use simulation - solution of compound of digital video monitoring. Regard imitate and digital monitoring as the transition between, "1.5 generation " video monitoring is the phase with peculiar market of Chinese video monitoring.

As in recent years " restful city " , " restful campus " wait how to prevent a project to be in of countrywide limits begin and thorough, the ceaseless promotion that the user such as the airport, subway and scene area enclothes check the number of limits, monitoring and network to transmit the requirement such as I/O to video monitoring, network monitoring is becoming market of Chinese video monitoring to be pulled hotly use an ingredient. The solution of video monitoring whole of manufacturer of network supervisory equipment, be being mixed by the understanding of increasing user approbate. In home's large video monitoring project, was to appear more in video supervisory system, except back end indication equipment, the development tide that entire facility IP turns. According to the research of IDC, from the point of the development trend of global limits, camera of the network in market of integral video monitoring (IP Camera) and network video stores (the shipment volume that the IP such as NVR) stores begins to exceed traditional camera and hard disk videocorder, make market growth advocate thrust. Although the maturity photograph of Chinese market is deficient in somewhat to global market, however, chinese market has more development opportunities on rate of integral demand, growth. In addition, because the deploy foundation of market of Chinese video monitoring is opposite lesser, because this is on the speed of technical switch, will have an advantage more.
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