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Market of monitoring of guard against theft of family expenses entrance guard is

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How to prevent mix at communication relatively home appliance industry, because enter a doorsill low, the company that how because this is entered,prevents a trade is more, competition is very intense, product value and project cost fall again, had been close to 0 profit at present. How to prevent an enterprise to say the project is received hard now, receiving a project namely also is to do not have what profit but character, advocate if how prevent a company,stare at the eye in urban traffic, office building, guesthouse and urban village how to prevent a project to go up. Because restful city is built a few large the occurrence that how prevents monitoring project, make a lot of installing prevented an enterprise to see a hope, but the city is large how to defend monitoring project measure little (a city has a few only) , enter a requirement tall, make of great majority how to prevent an enterprise to flinch, a lot of current installing prevent an enterprise to be faced with live the crisis.

How to prevent industry whereto development? The author thinks, develop average household how defending a system is how to defend the development way with current trade, among them the mainest product is family expenses entrance guard and family guard against theft of monitoring of real time image calls the police system.

Household brings the development perspective that prevent

As a result of polarization of the rich and the poor, public security topological features is more sophisticated. Because this has 2 relevant industries to developing quickly in home, it is team of village security personnel, 2 it is field of retail sales of guard against theft. In the city each viatic crossing, crossroads falls, often see security personnel is on duty over stand sentry, had them in fact be on duty stand sentry, the case of loot is already little. In home big in city, almost 70% families installed door of guard against theft and network of guard against theft, and the door of guard against theft of installation of very rare family such as developed country United States, Japan and net of guard against theft.

But be like somebody with " come to lock up " the theft that enter room, loot, even if has village security personnel, also impossible to defend effectively. In high-level residence, somebody is entered from subterranean parking lot or follow in subterranean parking lot the household that has card is entered also is easier thing. By this token, traditional and mechanical lock develops today, already arrived to be not change cannot level. Using entrance guard of high-grade electronic family expenses to replace mechanical door lock is one great leap, average person cannot defeat interpret to open can say entrance guard of this kind of family expenses is inside a quite long period, replace traditional and mechanical lock to be able to make the trend of a development henceforth by entrance guard of electronic family expenses. But family expenses entrance guard is product of a kind of electron, electronic product assures impossibly 100 percent without breakdown, because this makes sure when breakdown of entrance guard of electronic family expenses the kind that also can carry on the safe side opens the door, this is the main task that entrance guard of electronic family expenses studies. In electronic product market, what everybody values quite is communication product and home appliance product, how to prevent a product to be not valued by people commonly, the reason is the market that how prevents a product small, and the market of communication product and home appliance product is very big.

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