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In market of Chinese video monitoring, "Fast ball " also be called high speed is globose camera (HighSpeedDome) , or unifinication is spherical camera, it is the front equipment of video monitoring. Fast ball normally by unifinication camera (automatic scorch, take like module, the core component that is fast ball product) , drive control unit and digital processing unit are formed, its basic function is to collect video image, but current fast ball product is already compositive extended the function such as stage of camera lens, cloud, common camera, make the high-end product in equipment of video monitoring front, important role is being acted in how preventing a trade.

Unifinication is spherical camera exterior choiceness, control is quick, have the advantage such as intelligence to get user favour greatly, numerous ball aircraft manufacturer also is increasing the strength of research and development of pair of high speed balls, it is relatively mature that the high speed ball that each manufacturer place makes now controls a function basically. And functional diversity, network and intelligence are changed can saying is current the main trend that fast ball product develops. Nevertheless, at present the to high speed ball definition on industry has not made particularly clear dividing line, to high speed ball and middling speed ball, divide evenly the concept such as fast ball, constant speed ball also does not have clear resolution.

For all that, industry public figure agrees with generally: Fast ball is the abbreviation of high speed ball. High speed ball and middling speed ball are same, OK gearshift control, but the rotate speed of middling speed ball is in 60 ° / 120 ° of S ~ / S, the rotate speed of high speed ball is in 120 ° / S above. And will tell from the function, high speed ball must be had rotate quickly function, the level rotates rate is top can amount to 360 degrees / second, perpendicular rotate speed coming back is spent achieve 90 degrees / second, can set beforehand set, can pass touch exterior call the police and beforehand set implementation calls the police linkage, OSD menu displays a function.

In show level, what basically consider when product of people choose and buy is its groovy operation function, a confusion of voices of the focal length limits that is like camera, peaceful like element, water resolution, letter is compared, shutter adjustment means, Bai Pingheng tracks pattern automatically, be in a poor light compensation, and low intensity of illumination is automatic the ability of switch; Next, consider adjusting range of perpendicular and cloud table level, successive moving angle, traversal speed to cloud stage, whether does quality of the stability of the motion when the dependability that includes to react ability, high speed moves quickly and life, low speed, picture shake wait for an element; And store to ball machine beforehand the ability that buy nods, the absolutely position that basically considers cloud stage, scorch position remembers the accuracy of fixed position to wait a moment.
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