The current situation of video supervisory system and prospective development di

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Video supervisory system is safety is on guard main component of the system, it is one kind is on guard the comprehensive system with stronger capability. Video monitoring applies content of intuitionistic, convenient, information is rich and extensively at a lot of circumstances with its. In recent years, the ceaseless development as modern science and technology especially of capability of processing of network bandwidth, computer and memory capacity rise quickly and the occurrence of technologies of all sorts of practical video information processing, video monitoring technology also has great progress, video monitoring entered the network period of complete digitlization, get increasingly the attention of people and attention. The development of video supervisory system basically is the process that the video supervisory system that integrates to digital-to-analogue from supervisory system of inchoate imitate closed-circuit television and present digital video supervisory system evolve into, and present digital video supervisory system divides again according to technical development for 3 phase: The network phase of the multimedia phase of digital monitoring, DVR phase of digital monitoring and digital monitoring.

The current situation of video supervisory system

1, imitate video supervisory system

The multimedia management that cent of imitate video supervisory system is the video switch control that is based on microprocessor to add a PC and the switch control that are based on a PC to realize pair of matrix lead plane and the multimedia management to the system two sort. Supervisory system of imitate closed-circuit television is the combination of a lot of imitate supervisory equipment actually, the system is main by " front equipment " and " terminal controls device " and " signal transmits medium " 3 parts composition, among them: Front equipment basically has stage of camera, cloud, decoder to wait, control equipment basically has switch matrix, picture to break up implement, clavier of monitor, control, videocorder. Transmission medium includes cable, control line to wait. The buildup of the function as microprocessor, personal computer, function and rise, the application of multimedia technology, the system produced very big change in the respect such as means of function, function, dependability, structure, of video supervisory system form the more convenient and agile, interface with other technology system to tend standard, interactive interface is more friendly. But because video supervisory system is medium,the configuration of iformation flow did not change, still be simulative video signal, the information that network structure of the system basically is total pattern of a kind of single function, one-way, market collects a network, accordingly although the system already developed very high level, already did not have too much latent capacity to be able to be dug, its limitation still exists, want to satisfy higher demand, digitlization is the only way. The main drawback of imitate supervisory system has: A, agree with only normally the area monitoring of little scope, the transmission tool of imitate video signal basically is coaxial cable, and the distance of signal of video of coaxial cable transmission imitate is not more than 1Km, the distance of double skeining thread is shorter, this decided imitate monitoring agrees with only the place of single building, small residential area and other little scope. The patulous ability of B, system needs good to been build system, if want to increase new monitoring point, often be pull one hair and use the whole body, new facility adds original system very hard also in. C, cannot form call the police effectively linkage, because departmental cent is run independently, mutual very difficult each other opens the control deliberation between, linkage can undertake inside narrow range only.
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