Monitoring attempers: The new trend that video monitoring uses

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The core that our country restful city builds is to build a city monitoring and call the police how to defend a system. Had built two monitoring network at present, network of monitoring of a communal and safe video, be invest by the government, door of the Ministry of Public Security is built, formed the 3 class framework that enclothes city public security bureau, divisional bureau, police station; Another is the society calls the police ability prevents a network, invest construction by proper motion of village of social each unit, dweller. Although two large networks are in,aspect of safeguard society security is producing main effect, but the ceaseless development that accompanying application, two nets construction also appeared likewise a few problems, for example application cannot satisfy pure monitoring how to prevent staff more and more demand of commanding of instant and alternant lash-up, original system builds resource of dispersive, video to cannot be shared etc. Video monitoring facilitated to apply to monitoring to attemper below this kind of circumstance directional development. Video monitoring attempers, replacing the new leading role that traditional video monitoring applies and becomes restful city construction.

One, video monitoring attempers brought value

Monitoring attempers the system says again for " video director attempers system " , its can be brought for restful city urge action tremendously, because it is integrated,be monitoring resource, established the consciousness of joint defence linkage, formed the couplet net monitoring that covers whole society truly to attemper network. On applied mode, upgrade through lash-up commanding, can cooperate 110, 119 etc call the police platform raises door of the Ministry of Public Security to direct ability to breaking out the lash-up of incident in the round. When specific application, video monitoring attempers appear gave new characteristic and advantage:

1) share through resource, realized the best conformity of monitoring network system
Monitoring attempers integrated the video supervisory system that already was built socially or builds. The monitoring of communal and safe video that its conformity object builds for the government and society build in all call the police supervisory system, it is important to include car of public, public place of entertainment, Lou Yu, village, traffic, and each industry video monitoring, integrated purpose is for more effective use social video resource, raise a government to be in encounter sudden incident, natural disaster, deal with when wholesale group incident answer and decision-making ability. The video monitoring of integrated society side, original how to prevent applied unit to be able to have day-to-day monitoring government, center of command of monitoring of public security system can be moved at any time read all integrated already video monitoring resource, can undertake centralized kinescope, lash-up efficiency and effect got great promotion.
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