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Intelligent video monitoring is a foundation with monitoring of video of digitlization, network, but have again not at general network video monitoring, it is a kind more video monitoring application of high end. Intelligent video supervisory system can distinguish different object, discover the unusual situation in monitoring picture, and can with be being given out the most quickly with first-rate means alarm is mixed provide useful information, thereby can more effective help is safe personnel handles the crisis, and of utmost reduce sign up for by accident and phenomenon of fail to report sth. Particularly current as " restful city " wait for a purpose to be carried out in great quantities, the watch of the monitoring center of a lot of cities member should browse everyday photograph twice of amount of image resembling a head to grow. If wait for the monitoring of main room to haven, airport, government sector, after the requirement discovers unusual situation can quick response. These are right the function of the physiology weak point that includes human oneself and video supervisory system and configuration are a huge test.

Intelligent video (IV, intelligentVideo) it is to come from computer vision (CV, computerVision) a kind of technology, it is artificial intelligence (AI, artificialIntelligent) a branch of research, it can establish map relationship between image and image description, make computation can pass a number to image is handled and analyse the content in comprehend video picture thereby. The intelligent video technology in how preventing monitoring basically is to point to " the crucial information in automatic analysis and draw-out video source " . If regard camera the person's eye, system of that intelligence video or equipment can regard the cerebra that is a person. The data processing function with powerful computer of have the aid of, intelligent video technology can be right the huge data in video picture undertakes high speed is analysed, filter the information that the user does not care, the person that it is monitoring only provides useful crucial information.

The network video server of the market is coessential now spend competition serious, on the function that each equipment is providing very much the same, what can go all out basically is the price and service. Accompany those who follow an intelligent video system to appear, supervisory equipment also will face new leap and opportunity.

After the notional model that uses in intelligent video appears before long, the company of a few abroad been beginninging the soft hardware product related hand research and development. For example, include number statistic module, plate identifying to stop module, illegally module, video is diagnosed etc. Carry equipment afore through embedding (network camera or video server) medium intelligent video module undertakes uninterrupted analysis to the picture of place monitoring. Front equipment is compositive powerful image handles ability, run advanced intelligence algorithm, make an user OK the more accurate feature that defines safe menace. The competition ability that believes these is opposite to promote each front equipment has very great help!
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