Highway tunnel intelligence changes the development of domain of supervisory sys

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One, overview

As the development of traffic project and traffic facilities, our country place builds the course of development of traffic channel to be lengthened quickly, improvement of the traffic discharge of constant growth, road condition and the complexity of carriage article, the fire that added traffic channel and channel pollute the risk that wait, caused many serious disastrous accidents, especially fire accident, it browbeats badly not only the person's life and belongings safety, and to the production of traffic facilities, mankind the activity causes immense damage. The intelligence of channel changes monitoring to appear more and more important.

Handle the development of technology, communication technology, control technology as computer technology, image, aether net technology and bus line technology broke through original technical bottleneck, what changed monitoring to offer an effective for the intelligence of highway tunnel is optimal settle a way, it satisfied the requirement of socioeconomy development and the high level that people culture lives, created a safety, convenient, quick, comfortable, economy, efficient traffic and surroundings for a travel of the mankind.

2, channel intelligence changes supervisory system

Channel intelligence changes supervisory system to use the pattern that manage by different levels, the unity that falls through building much platform, much system manages platform, implementation is right lead plane of the cent monitoring center inside all systems, monitoring and supervisory equipment undertake unity orderly harmony, management. Center of each minutes of monitoring accuses a center to attemper in obedient chief inspector commanding at the same time, function limits inner tube manages and can attemper in oneself its place administer the supervisory equipment inside each channel, achieve concentration and the multistage user that link dispersedly to manage mode thereby.

Channel intelligence changes supervisory system to basically include: Discharge of monitoring of video of the real time inside channel, car, velocity of flow detects, change distribution parameter detects, fire calls the police automatically, illume, ventilated, urgent telephone call, environment is monitored, the subsystem such as traffic control. Among them of supervisory system of channel network video build, what can run a state to discharge of the traffic inside channel and traffic in real time is surveillant, discover unusual situation takes lash-up step in time, ensure operation of ground of channel high speed, safe, comfortable, economy.

(one) central control center

Central monitoring center is the core that whole channel intelligence changes supervisory system, by map of workstation of switching equipment of central server, network, video, electron, call the police the composition such as wall of lead plane of matrix of lead plane, number, TV, its function basically includes: Information is collected function, information processing and release function, control function, give an alarm to handle backup of statistic of function, forms for reporting statistics and function of the function that print, inquiry, automatic data and system to restore the function such as function, automatic and mothball function, couplet net function and network management. The signal lamp that implementation leaves area, channel area and passageway area to channel, make communication information board, integratedly changeably signal of breath board, speed limit board, fire calls the police automatically, lash-up broadcasts the control function that wait, achieve billabong, open shut driveway, conduct the action such as car change one's route, to car move to executive trends manages and be controlled.
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