SIAP video monitoring governs the characteristic of platform and function

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Video monitoring applies SIAP of administrative platform ― integratedly (Video Surveillance Integration Application Platform) compositive a variety of functions such as application of map of order programme of monitoring of long-range control, image, memory, GIS at a suit, can satisfy each system to be united to image resource attemper, direct of sudden incident lash-up, area unites concentration real time monitoring, area is daily mutual cooperation shares resource of go on a tour of inspection, image, GIS is compositive wait for all sorts of application, can satisfy the business need that at present each trade picture controls a management center completely.

Platform characteristic

? Powerful patulous ability

Platform is based on modular what the structure realizes each function platform is compositive, support the multistage cascade of platform.

? Quick compositive way

The support that can pass pair of agreements and development kit directly will manage all bottom facility, offer standard software port, can realize compositive applying with tripartite system.

? Powerful compositive efficiency

Run software through central system, implementation between each subsystem cross systematic linkage compositive, include image and lash-up direct, image and city to call the police, image and receive piece alarm conference of system, video and image are waited a moment, can apply an expert to help a system realize associated kinescope more, escape the course calculates the function such as kinescope, improve systematic efficiency and efficiency.

? The support of mainstream manufacturer

We own own video system intellectual property not only, get manufacturer of each subsystem mainstream supports at the same time, it is the strategic partner of many video equipment manufacturer of domestic, below the support of the manufacturer, every seed system is OK and compositive a variety of mainstream brand equipment, convenient project is carried out.

? Powerful compatible ability

The closed circuit monitoring with compatible most management is photographed like head, matrix, switch implement equipment, supportive home is main and famous of the brand embedded DVR.

? Powerful system manages

Central server is the core management module of whole system, can realize map of conference of pair of attributive, equipment, much picture, video, electron, preview, memory, cent accuses, shed media group to sow etc have global range the centralized management inside, the real time that can realize equipment of picture of word of all user logarithm to visit centers attributive attestation.

? Perfect bandwidth manages

Through multistage shedding media transmit management adds the first step that visits to all video to manage, below the environment that can ensure network bandwidth is finite, manage effectively to image of long-range real time is visited and answering the bandwidth that puts a visit remotely. Pass at the same time shed media transmit, realize the implementation that various center much person visits remotely and the use that drop device of spot number image bear, prolong the service life of digital picture equipment.
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