Hnow through and through- - guideline of choose and buy of video monitoring serv

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Face full of beautiful things in eyes be based on a variety of MPEG-4/H.264 video servers that compress algorithm, how should choose? We basically are basises here functional requirement will select right product.

Above all, want to understand need video server will accomplish what kind of thing, its decided you choose what kind of product. Want to understand oneself budget next, this budget can satisfy the product that you want to purchase. So we suggest to be bought only right, buy not blindly expensive, sell petty gain not blindly also.

Check a technology about the key of video server

Picture quality

This is the basic premise of long-range monitoring, it is to assure whether the main essential factor that realizes long-range monitoring, unmanned value to defend, see not clear and surveillant picture suppose, that is no point. There are two kinds of pictures to pledge CIF and D1 choose commonly on the market at present, it is the resolution of 352*288 and 704*576 respectively. Below the circumstance that takes no account of other factor, it is D1 is equivalent to DVD picture pledging of course, it is optimal. But if consider the issue of bandwidth, the picture that CIF is equivalent to VCD is qualitative, also can satisfy the requirement of a few common circumstances. Those who need an attention is, must saw with one's own eyes looks through the network, same D1, some products may return difference than good CIF product effect, cannot be a standard with parameter so, must the eye sees for solid.

Bandwidth demand

This is one of index of video server, below coequal picture quality, occupied bandwidth is lower, the compressibility that expresses this video server is taller, when large-scale applying, tall compressibility can let your network use cost to drop greatly, when selecting such product so, facility cost will be relative taller, but follow-up whole charge can be reduced a lot of.

Transmission delay time sex

This also is the main index of network product. Because want to assure the seasonable sex of spot signal, general bandwidth falls without limitative circumstance, requirement product maintains in small second class, that is to say, below the element that does not have bandwidth, the delay time of video server itself wants to ignor, had better be so inside the local area network, grant enough bandwidth, check its performance. Consider to be below actual condition even at the same time, your equipment asks how many bandwidth, used high-end product otherwise, produce its effect hard however, go up in wronger way with respect to consistent ministry racing bicycle travel play does not give its speed advantage, also be no point so.

Other and commonly used key is accessary function

Front catchs graph function

This function is to assure to be below the circumstance of low bandwidth, can transmit come back the picture of high-definition clear. This is in domain of a few monitoring, in bandwidth insufficient circumstance falls, to testimony is withheld after producing accident, it is a very good choice.
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