Operation supports system and multimedia video communication

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Tan Guoquan, was graduated from department of engineering of Fudan University electron 1992, was graduated from communication of academy of science and technology of telecommunication of former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and systematic major 1997, obtain master's degree. The research and development that ATM/IP technology and relevant facility pursue all the time after graduation works. Entered job of academy of Beijing of Chinese telegraphic Inc. 2001, hold the post of director of room of technical ministry data, basically study direction is data communication technology and multimedia communication technology. Current research includes video mainly communication technology, shed media technology and business platform relevant technology and solution.

Below the integrated drive that in what be a center with the client business is offerred and each link is filled with demand of business government ability and catenary of implementation communication value in all, the working ability of the program of the operation system that prop up, construction and systematic itself more and more the height with be mentioned very important.

The operation of current plan and construction props up a system to basically be mixed with TMF ETOM the foundation of relevant described as in ITU TMN. TMF supports a system to new generation operation (NGOSS) the formation of standard standard and development defined a complete to run a method. The target of NGOSS is a help operation business implementation is fast, quick and the BSS of low cost and OSS solution. NGOSS was built mature and the business affairs model that accepts jointly for industry place, reflected the fundamental of telegraphic operation and pattern, offerring real operation to prop up systematic construction and the unity that executive process place needs is frame foundation; NGOSS introduces mature system to develop method and tool, in systematic methodology respect, offerred tend centralized system develops an idea, conduce to a system flowing henceforth upgrade and transfer.

Changing with individuation, intelligence, in synthesization and the multimedia video communication that stress interactive ability, operation props up a system to will act all in all part. Be based on the complex multimedia environment of open Internet platform and coexistence of much professional work however, the plan and construction that supports a system to operation again posed bigger challenge:

(1) the comprehensive information that multimedia video communication is collect video, speech and data actually serves, own more complex business attribute and user property, how to reflect multimedia video to correspond complex professional ability and maintain administrative ability, it is the issue that the operation system that prop up must consider mainly in actual construction.

(2) contemporary multimedia communication is based on open Internet environment commonly, those who emphasize be core with the client but operation can manage can be safeguarded and emphasize " freedom is open " if Internet environment wheres harmony is achieved to unite in real operation, begin what affect business on certain level.
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