What is HDTV? How to broadcast HDTV?

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1, what is HDTV

DTV is technology of TV of a kind of number, arrive from the studio blast off, transmit, all link in receiving a process are signal of use number TV, transmission rate is every second 19.39 million byte, big data sheds the high definition that assured digital TV, a priori that overcame imitate TV is insufficient. And HDTV is DTV standard in a highest kind, namely High Definision TV. It stipulated video must have 720 lines to be not crisscross type at least (720p, often say namely line by line) or type of 1080 lines crisscross (1080i, often say namely lie between row) scanning (DVD standard is 480 lines) only, screen aspect ratio is 16:9, frequency output is 5.1 track (prevent than digital format) , at the same time can compatible receive other the signal of inferior format undertakes digitlizing handling replay.

HDTV has 3 kinds of indication patterns, it is respectively: 720P of 720P (1280 × , be not crisscross type) , 1080i of 1080i (1920 × , crisscross type) , 1080i of 1080P (1920 × , be not crisscross type) , circulate on the net mix with 720P 1080i is most common, and the print of the 1080P on Microsoft WMV-HD site is opposite more.

2, the HDTV document that can be used at computer to broadcast

As a result of now of network of domestic number TV gain ground degree extremely low, it is so in the netizen great majority is carry HDTV video up and down from the network and admire on computer, and the HDTV on the network basically exists with the means of two kinds of files, one kind is to pass MPEG-2 standard to compress, spread a document for suffixal video with.tp, .ts or.mpg, one kind is the.wmv file that has compressed through standard of WMV-HD (Windows Media Video High Definition) , still a few use the.avi document that MPEG-4 technology compresses.

HDTV file is bigger, even if the.wmv file after the course has coded afresh, an average movie also can have 4G above, and the.tp of same time length or.ts file can achieve 8G above, some achieves 20 much G even.

3, how to broadcast HDTV program on computer

To.wmv file, wanted a system to install Windows Media Player 9 or taller version only, can broadcast normally

To using the.avi document that MPEG-4 technology compresses, windstorm image sound uses Ffdshow to have good support

To spreading a document for suffixal video with.tp and.ts, windstorm image sound used professional Cyberlink DTV Video/SP Filter to undertake supportive, when the function can reduce decipher greatly, the hardware of this decoder is opposite quickly of CPU use up, and the great majority that sustains TNT2/Rage128 level above shows clip.

4, the system that broadcasts HDTV asks (very tall)

HDTV is broadcasted to configure a requirement to hardware on computer very tall, with CPU, show put, memory closely relevant, any same function in this 3 appearance are too low, can arise a few broadcast a problem.
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