TV later period makes titles introduction

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TV is packed in titles is made held main position, even titles was become whole the pronoun that pack, do everything to need to have mostly beforehand program, pack as the TV that uses sophisticated computer tool to make TV aesthetic form, also its compare the normative technological process that make, the settlement that this flow can let you are more fast problem, achieve ideal visual result. The whole TV system that pack is extremely huge, we use telefilm head only here make what will talk about him to cut a point make circuit.

The making process that regular TV packs is very complex, include early days survey among them, the fixed position of the brand and make, integral plan and design phase, finally is specific make. Home brings about true standard as a result of a few special accounts pack what the process that make will make scientificly according to this kind little little, keep what imitating foreign TV station to pack the gimmick that make to go up mostly, did not compare comprehensive consideration style even, this has to say is a kind of distress.
Usually the survey of early days by omit flintily, this makes the purpose sex of the itself that pack is lost entirely almost, after purpose sex is lost pack belong to basically make experience fumble in the night by stylist only then undertake. Such packing common step is:

The 1 goal that will serve certainly.

2 make rhythm of the integral style that pack, colour wait certainly.

3 designs divide camera lens script, scale story edition.

The 4 designs that have music make the communication with video design take out a solution.

5 communicate the plan that make and client the affirmatory and final plan that make.

The 3D that the making process with 6 executive good designs includes to be involved is made, film actually, music is made etc.

7 ultimate synthesis are an output to broadcast.

Above is the making process of simple titles, I had shown this had been the making flow that has been reduced, but still can undertake necessary adjustment between real work. What very much TV packs made cycle to comparative is short, this causes a lot of companies that make or producer will be original the very compact process that make is cut again, the scale of the script that cancels even and design realize make a move to calculate one pace on computer directly, come to those who make become so piece quality cans be imagined.

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