Shallow talk about the requirement about quality of TV program technology and im

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Author: Bi Xiuwen of CCTV Zhang Hongfu

Improving quality of TV program technology is a CCTV a of every technical personnel that make long-term importunate is important the job, the course tries hard ceaselessly for years, the technology made the standard of quality of TV program technology of personnel get be strengthened ceaselessly and rising. The technical personnel of the CCTV works arduously on the post that differs severally, the TV program that can design the high quality that accords with index of TV program technology in great quantities for the CCTV offerred a technology to assure.

In practice the author realises improving quality of TV program technology is very important more deeply. The author basically talks in the article main technique index and regulation mix the TV program how to improve quality of TV program technology.

One TV program is main technical index and regulation

TV program belt must press formulary transcribe strictly, if extent, n must accord with formulary index, its leader tape, formal program and the extent that take remaining part, n must accord with formulary index.

Every technical personnel is when the TV program of TV program of spot direct seeding, kinescope or later period that make, the main index that should memorize a TV program reachs a regulation.

1. The main index of quality of TV program technology reachs a regulation

The calibration on leader tape is striped the full-court that must be 100/0/75/0 standard is striped, n of peak value of its luminance signal is 0.7V earth 0.02V; Extent of signal of R-Y, B-Y is 0.525V earth 0.015V; Color is phasic deviate ≤ 2.5 degrees, frequency signal is signal of 1000HZ sine wave, 1V of n 0VU earth or - 20dBFS earth 1dBFS. N of peak value of complete signal of program share video is not more than n of peak value of 0.8V, luminance signal to not be more than 0.77V, black n and disappear concealed n difference is n of peak value of 0~50mV, caption to not be more than 0.8V. Language program sound is average n - 7~-3VU, highest for 0VU, 0PPU of ≤ of peak value n or ≤ - 10dBFS. Musical program sound is average n - 7~0VU, highest for 3VU; 5PPU of + of ≤ of peak value n or ≤ - 5dBFS. Take end to be breathed black field signal. The code wants to begin to choose place in colour bar signal continuously when 0. Rectify in 0 seconds make transcribe colour bar signal and wave of sine of frequency signal 1000HZ to 1 minute; Rectify 1 minute rectify transcribe to 1 minute of 30 seconds breathed black base signal; 1 minute of 30 seconds do the formal program signal that begins transcribe to broadcast.

2. Sound signal transcribe asks

Must record according to concerned trade provision when the sound signal transcribe of tape go up in mark of corresponding sound magnetism. Outside eliminating news program must transcribe international sound. Integrated style kind the program is belonged to when the scene is live, allow CH2 track record and sow the mixture sound with phonate path same CH1. The program nature sound that international sound is the record on mark of special sound magnetism (spot background voice) , musical sound and effect sound.
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