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Olympic Games of the 29th Beijing offerred an application new technology, arena that shows new thinking for broadcasting station of China International broadcast. During whole Olympic Games, broadcasting station of China International broadcast uses modern science and technology, ground of much angle, much channel is built-in in the report of the Olympic Games, through using achievement of all sorts of advanced science and technology, scientific method integratedly, completed the report of all-around, stereo type.

The " distribution centre of new technology "- - international stage IBC reports a space

Broadcasting station of China International broadcast established ahead to report a space in center of broadcast of Olympic Games international, although only 50 make the same score rice, but the distribution centre that here is application of a new technology however. Inside the 50 spaces of smooth rice, technical personnel built two computer rooms and division of an integrated business: One makes an appointment with the 13 direct seeding of smooth rice, interview and programming room; One is less than the 8 MCR of smooth rice program allocation, transmission computer room; About 31 smooth rice spaces regard the rest as international stage integrated business division.

Direct seeding, interview reachs programming room

During the Olympic Games, direct seeding, interview and programming room basically assumed FM91.5 frequency daily afternoon 17: 00-19: The direct seeding task of the ChinaDrive special program of 00, although the space is narrow, but all technology function that compact systematic design makes its had the place between professional direct seeding to have. Besides can complete whole course outside interactive type direct seeding, still can undertake honored guest interview, phone interviews purpose waiting for a section to make the task. To satisfy the need that the Olympic Games reports adequately, whole system deployed 16 sound console that can satisfy direct seeding and recording function at the same time, and the direct seeding peripheral that includes PowerCaster to sow a workstation system, CD, MD, solid state to record the complete set such as sound reproduction machine, hotline, offerred all sorts of outside the frequency interface that receives facility, can use all sorts of interviewing at any time equipment undertakes the program is inserted sow. To assure direct seeding result, still deployed major technically for announcer invisible ear hangs mike of type direct seeding, configured mike of desktop directivity honored guest. In addition, TV of CATV of 2 Olympic Gameses still was configured inside atelier, can move each signal of place spot frequency and TV audio signal accept direct seeding system, facilitate chair personnel spot explanation. Offer inside the computer room wired reach wireless Internet to be received, when offerring officer of standard broadcast clock for the system. Seed-sowing machine room installed network video to transmit equipment, reach camera of mark clear DV to regard video as the source by camera of stage of cloud of a high-definition HDCam respectively, the port of IP special railway line that inspects frequency to make up decipher system to transmit equipment integratedly by E1 through Tandberg network realizes direct seeding of international stage OA4 with the video between ahead direct seeding the spot interacts.
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