Use FPGA to realize video and design of video processing application

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The technology that makes a person enchanted more innovates (like HDTV and digital cinema) the rapid development with video and video processing technology and this kind of technology is not divided. Video the bouncing type progress that capture and shows resolution, advanced compression technology and video intelligence are the driving force with constant in a steady stream of backside of innovation of this kind of technology. Especially resolution is in had in a few years in the past rise significantly. Express the 1 highest resolution that in showing different terminal unit type, adopts currently.

Express 1: The resolution of terminal unit type

From standard definition (SD) expands high definition (HD) , the data bulk that needs processing increased 6 times. Video is monitored also from general intermediate format (the D1 form that CIF)(352x288) developed a standard to ask (704x576) , camera of a few industry developed even 1, the high definition format of 280x720. The military affairs is monitored, medical treatment is become resemble also be in with machine vision application the video move to very high resolution.

Advanced compression technology of the generation before the technology is being replaced, it can offer better data to grade performance, give the taller compressibility below character and lower delay. The standard that JPEG 2000 regards a number as the cinema is become in military affairs, medical treatment resemble and monitored a domain to get be adoptioned extensively. H.264 hopeful replaces the MPEG-2 in broadcasting television domain, video to monitor the MPEG-4 in the system the H.263 in the 2nd part and video conference. Be in even these new compression solution deploy while, the standardization job in undertaking still is escalating H.264 and JPEG 2000 level ceaselessly.

DICOM medical treatment is become had finished accessory like the standard 105, included three-dimensional medical treatment to become among them resemble compressing adoption JPEG 2000 the much component changeover in the 2nd part. Accessory 106 will include the JPIP agreement that video place wants the medical treatment that browses JPEG 2000 remotely to compress.

MPEG-4 the 10th part (the next of H.264 AVC) is outspread namely but adjustable video codes (SVC) . SVC encode plan can be satisfied on heterogeneous network to use existing systematic natural resources to convey reliably to different user the need of video, it is especially below the case that natural resources of function of client of be issued to lower levels, system and network condition cannot learn ahead of schedule. For example, client computer may have different indication resolution, the system may have different cache or intermediate memory resource, the network may have the different bandwidth, rate that lose a bag and do one's best or serve quality (QoS) function. Associated video working group (what JVT) is developing AVC/H.264 is outspread, it is better to have in order to carry sacrificial vessel a retractility drifting level that reduces efficiency, allow to set all sorts of adjustable pattern freely at the same time (if space, time and SNR/ fidelity are adjustable ability) . Applied domain includes video to monitor system, shift to shed video of video, wireless much passageway to make with deferent and with all possible means video phone / the conference.
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