The GPFS technology application in the CCTV system that make and implementation

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From 2002 up to now, the CCTV finished the business system that faces news to make, news that faces program memory to resemble library early or late system and face sports programming and broadcasted business system to wait. The professional work of economic channel programming that the company below pine of combination of the CCTV end 2003, ocean company begins collective construction to be based on technology of P2 semiconductor storage fastens all first phase.

The memory that the network that this system used thousand aether of GPFS first stores the framework will realize all sorts of business data and transmit, down to of this centrally TV station all belongs to precedent inside industry of domestic broadcasting television. This network stores the transmission link of the framework is based on thousand aether technology completely, bind a technology to make sure transmission bandwidth is mixed adequately through aether transmission safety. Via the observation of real operation phase, its function satisfies the patulous abundant that systematic original design books index and existence comparatives to spend.

One, GPFS definition and frame

GPFS- - GeneralParalletFileSystem, namely system of general and collateral file.

The collateral file system that is based on AIX or Linux operating system (GPFS) the person that allow to use shares the file that distributings to go up with many disk in many node. The applied program that it allows to run paralell at the same time from GPFS node group (Nodeset) the file with any medium node identical or different visits (the node that node group Nodeset is defined to be a group to run identical version GPFS) .

Graph 1 for its basic frame.

Graph 1 for its basic frame.

2, advantage and character

The collateral file system with high-powered 1.

The design target of GPFS file system makes data distributings to go up in all node in a group namely, the interface of UNIX file system that allows to apply a program to adopt a standard will visit data. Most UNIX file system is fallen to use in onefold service system environment by the design, below this one environment, increase file server to also won't improve the performance that specific file accesses. GPFS is become by the design performance improves in many hard disk through distributinging I/O, raise dependability through log and duplicate means, improve a system with the means through increasing node but expansibility. Be based on its character, can apply its central concentration among memory framework, this makes our system can be assumed by tens of thousands tall code leads intercurrent conflict. server and the technology that store the node join of itself rises, make user of broadcasting television industry OK when inspecting frequency to make the high handling capacity that uses itself and tall data.
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