About catching the practice experience that pat and takes secretly

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The life is rich and colorful, street is caught pat often can take a lot of wonderful life moments, also be the creation way that lover of a lot of photography likes. Catch in street pat allow much method from time to tome, here my view, wrong place asks authority point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, also ask the issue that ten million attention do not use authority at be not openly meaning to go up.

1, about equipment:
Concealment as far as possible oneself camera, I often tear open the motor of my EOS-1N camera come down, with common handle. With very small very ordinary scene. I am for instance commonly used EF35/2 camera lens, need not lens hood. Change the wide braces of camera into fine braces. Some numbers camera is like Ni Kang 990 wait for the digital camera with type or cabinet bulk to concealment the gender is very strong also, most person guards against without what to them consciousness, also be to catch the good tool that take.

2, about focal length:
Catch pat use rarely actually long anxious, it is to grow Jiao Tai dazzling to be discovered easily, 2 it is long anxious cannot very good spot environment is explained. 3 it is long Jiao Jingshen short use hyperfocal distance function not easily.

3, about the method:
1) law of make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place
The Gu Zun when filming is right and character it, film blame of camera lens alignment the object pretends first find a view, and to film the object is slow and mobile, wait for the control limits that films the object enters watch for a chance, timely press slowly shutter. Be sure to keep in mind to cannot put down camera immediately right now, be filmed the object discovers very easily otherwise. Should wait film the object leaves period of time to put down camera again. Once be photographed,the object films to yours express to suspect, should express a suspicion to his camera immediately, pretend to saw camera give what trouble.
2) abrupt assault law
Concealment all the time your camera, hide in back for instance, etc watch for a chance just is raised when filming the object arrived before your, film suddenly, follow-up matters concerning reconstruction is Alexandrine.
4) law of wait for windfalls
Discover beforehand film object, but incorrect film the object takes action immediately, be opposite however the place that films the object may be passed has pair of anxious find a view, wait next film the object is entered ambuscade when encircling, undertake filming.