Live recording skill

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Live recording regards canned of movie and TV as a main component, get the praise highly of staff member of broad now recording of movie and TV and director, method of this kind of recording can make the actor's expression, the element such as the mood and language dialogue achieve absolutely unity, and the status that can achieve absolutely synchronism, the phase is more true to later period dub, dramatic.

Above all, we will understand the accurate implication of live recording:

Point to while the picture films, the language sound that performs to the actor undertakes recording.
Live recording has not at normally of spare personage normally of the meaning take mike pickup oneself with DV, the balance of all sorts of relations must accurate assurance: Above all the effect that language sound should take dominant in film, should acoustics of precede over environment and background music; Next, the acoustics inside the picture and language should have first step more relative to the acoustics outside the picture and language.
The station of the member that hold these first step and microphone about, mike member should face actor and cinematograph station at the same time.
The element that decides sense of reality of live recording audio is very much, can let an audience have the feeling of be personally on the scene, must special attention the following main factors- - audio distance feeling, space feeling, environment feeling, motion feeling and trend sense. Below we make with respect to these a few main factors elaborate simply:
Distance feeling: Point to the feeling that person ear is apart from to sound far and near, can call move of far and near popularly again. Filming picture while, foreground object or the person moves possibly in the picture ceaselessly, the far and near of the picture is apart from likely also and ceaseless switch. The camera lens of audio distance and foreground article is apart from ought to be identical, if the picture gives out thematic figure a close-up, and pickup equipment is put in 10 meters of above, can appear so picture and audio unbalance, give an audience very false sense.
Proportional change and tonal change concern change of the distance of feeling of film audio distance and pickup and phonic source, sound intensity, direct sound wave and reflection sound.
Pickup is OK the ear that the understanding of broad sense is an audience, it is corresponding that the space that sets pickup and sound principal part and audience audience experience audio to be apart from, should adjust the position of pickup momently when doing live recording, be united in wedlock with the metabolic photograph of picture and scene, innovation gives the sound distance sense with picture photograph echo.
Sound signal can be being disturbed in transmission way by a lot of elements, and some sound are believed date also is met translate into is other formal energy, there also can be corresponding attenuation when arriving at pickup consequently, theoretic it is a distance further, attenuation is more serious. Be in commonly live recording when can adjust audio intensity through adjusting n, achieve the goal that changes sound distance thereby: Raise n to reduce a distance, reduce n to increase a space.
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