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Computation gives the volume of new channel. Demesne the definition of the descriptor is not complex, total bureau interconnected system defines way, ask each operation business, compositive business, manufacturer is abided by, can from go up at all solve the problem with abhorrent volume, this is a very good solution.

1. Volume n descriptor (proposal)


Descriptor_tag8uimsbf descriptor label

Descriptor_length8uimsbf descriptor length

For(i=0;iservice_id16uimsbf business identifier

Reference of Audio_volumne_refercence8uimsbf volume n is worth



2. Control track audio consistency

The case that video business has two audio basically appears in each province to defend inspect on, examine protect the business information that inspects signal, for audio of video business, dual track, machine top box is read after taking business information, set its for dual track, it does not know L channel is video audio, r channel is the broadcast that visits broadcasting station, appeared the situation with two track different sound, this is belonged to did not differentiate by the regulation business type and setting business information (SI) . According to DVB - C standard, take beamed to defend inspect an item, should install for two business, one is video business (odd track) , one is frequency business, sink gives needs professional work by need solution. Home is defended inspect install business information strictly by relevant specification, solved the problem that receives an opportunity to carry a two track sound on the head to differ already, can go to the lavatory to serve platform to will broadcast alone each again answer flow with the TS that is a knaggy eye, an imitate channel can pass hundreds of broadcast, be helpful for TV and beamed coordinating development.

In broadcast business, the unity of digital frequency n and balance are a difficulty, better for us land solves the business information in digital TV this one problem provided significant technical measure. There are many problems to be solved very very complexly, hard it seems that in digital TV, but only should to the standard of whole number TV lucid understanding is solved very easily, integral translation job undertakes more easily.

At present the backbone net of the developed country basically is to use SONET/SDH to transmit system. Be in China, poem with 40% ~ the speed high speed of 50% grows, develop as the high speed of Internet, the IP data portfolio inside global limits shows exponential growth, how to use existing and giant SDH network consequently efficient and business of economic ground transmission data, become the chief problem that SDH faces. " the Information Industry " 15 " plan compendium " middle finger goes out " IPoverSDH/WDM, freeboard is used on long-distance network fast (G bit or T bit) road by implement and smooth wavelengh road by implement wait for a technology to establish network of broadband IP backbone; Use inside urban limits ten, hundred, auspicious local area network (LAN) and IPoverSDH/WDM, freeboard fast (G bit or T bit) road by implement wait for a technology to establish network of land with certain boundaries of broadband IP city " .
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