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To raise channel utilization rate, make many signal edge same channel is transmitted and mutual noninterference, say multichannel answer is used. Use at present more is frequency divides road answer to use with time multichannel answer is used. Frequency divides road answer to use use at imitate communication, for example carrier wave corresponds, time multichannel answer with use at digital communication, for example PCM corresponds. ?

Time multichannel answer with communication, it is each signal has different time space to have communication on same channel. Sample by aforementioned theory is knowable, a when sample main effect, it is the signal that turns the successive signal on time into the disperse on time, its go up in channel the finite sex of holding time, for multichannel signal edge same channel is transmitted offerred a condition. Specific say, divide time into a few even time space namely, the transmission of each signal time allocation is in different time space, in order to achieve mutual departure, the purpose of each other noninterference. Graph 3 - 1 for time multichannel answer uses sketch map, each signal classics is low connect filter to be frequency band limitation under 3400Hz, add fast electron rotary switch next (weigh alloter)Switch makes divide evenly repeatedly ceaselessly fast rotate, every rotate the time of a week is equal to T of a sampling cycle, accomplish time of periodic to each signal every other T to sample so. This shows, inchoative alloter has sampling effect not only, still rise at the same time answer with the function that combines a road. The sampling signal after closing a road sends PCM coder to undertake quantify and coding, believe the number the code to send toward channel next. Receiving end to pile up these ordinal decipher from each letter that sends end to deliver, reductive the PAM signal after, by K2 of rotary switch of alloter receiving end ordinal put through each signal, again classics is low connect flowing, build signal of one's voice in speech again. This shows receives the alloter of end to have the shunt effect that time answer uses, receive end so alloter calls shunt the door again. ? ?


Should use sheet piece when compositive PCM makes up decoder, meantime is divided answer using means is sample each signal respectively first, encode, again classics time answer with alloter evacuation closing a road enters channel, sink first from several directions, next each part decipher and rebuild signal. ?

Those who want an attention is: To assure normal communication, close, inchoative rotary switchMust be the same as frequency inphase. Be the same as frequency is to point torotate speed coming back is spent should identical, what point to in phase is inchoative rotary switch
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