About wave cent answer analyse with technology of core of passive optical networ

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Develop quickly as the abidance of Internet, all sorts of new business emerge in endlessly, make people right the demand that the network accepts bandwidth increases continuously, especially the business such as order programme of TV of network game, conference, video, make receive means traditionally to cannot satisfy the requirement of bandwidth. According to relevant data analysis, did not come 3 years, the average bandwidth demand of the user will exceed 10M. With other and wired, wireless receive technical photograph to compare, fiber-optic receive be measured in bandwidth look and enclothe distance respect to have very large dominant position. As the occurrence of technology of low cost PON and rapid maturity, and drop of fiber-optic cable cost quickly, operation business receives a network fiber-optic the think of a way that change will be progressively be able to come true.

Current, passive optical network (PON) it is to solve accept a web " last kilometer " , the provides attraction most technology that implements FTTX. "Passive " it is to point to to any active electronic parts and electronic power supply are not contained in ODN, all by smooth shunt implement (Splitter) wait for composition of passive parts of an apparatus. Accordingly, the cost that its management maintains is inferior, this is PON is receiving the one side that the advantage has most in network development.

It is OK that PON distributes kind by signal cent is broken up for power model passive optical network (PSPON) with wave cent answer with model passive optical network (WDMPON) . Current, APON, BPON, EPON, GPON all belongs to PSPON. PSPON uses star coupler shunt, on / be issued to lower levels is deferent use TDMA/TDM means, implementation shares channel bandwidth, from several directions implement the signal that issues OLT through power allocation allocates each ONU to go up. WDMPON is wave cent answer apply with the technology in PON, smooth shunt implement give out all sorts of wavelengh through identifying OLT, distribute signal each ONU.

Although PSPON is relatively mature, be being added especially is EPON, GPON has had more large-scale deploy in North America, Japan, but PSPON still is put in crucial question to need to solve, fast bit is synchronous, for instance dynamic the design that light of the range finding of drift of bandwidth allocation, base line, ONU and delay time compensation, sudden mode sends and receive module. Although a few problems got settlement, but cost is higher. And the label that is based on a cent answer to use wavelengh to regard the client side as ONU with technical WDMPON, use a cent answer to go up with technical implementation receive, can offer wider working bandwidth, the symmetrical broadband that can realize real significance to go up is received. In the meantime, the difficulty of a lot of technology such as synchronism of the range finding that still can avoid the ONU in technology of time much location, fast bit, and in the network management and system upgrade performance side has clear advantage. As technical progress, the cost of parts of an apparatus of cent answer consumed especially the cost of passive smooth parts of an apparatus drops substantially, the WDM parts of an apparatus of cheap of qualitative actor price appears ceaselessly, WDMPON technology will become PON to accept the development trend that the net can foreknow. Below, medium OLT illuminant, ONU illuminant, smooth to WDMPON shunt implement one by one of involves core technology issue undertakes an analysis.
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