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As the swift and violent development of Internet, the demand that waits for multimedia application to conference of long-range education, long-range medical treatment, video increases people substantially, electronic business affairs is the typical heat of network application more. In the meantime, people also raised taller requirement to network bandwidth and rate, make a network by low speed to high speed, by share trade, develop quickly to broadband direction by tape. Be told at present to trunk net, technologies of all sorts of broadband group net mature increasingly and perfect, cent answer already amounted to 400Gbit/s with systematic bandwidth, IP OverATM, IP OverSDH, IP OverWDM (DWDM) wait for a technology to had begun investment to use, put forward to build optimize network of optical main force completely, the main force that can say a network has been been bear the weight of all sorts of broadband business had made preparation. But be located in communication network and user between receive a net to develop opposite lag, receive net technology to become the bottleneck that restricts communication development.

The broadband accepts a web is business node and client end between equipment, offer telegraphic business place to want the executive system of deferent carrying capacity for the user. Current, accept layer technology plan with fiber-optic receive a net to give priority to, cupreous cable is complementary facilitate the integrated professional work that provides high quality for the user. But the broadband is fiber-optic accepting a web is a very sensitive to business, technology, cost domain, and cycle of big, construction grows investment proportion. Accordingly, we should combine current each district to have the particular case of telegraphic network and national economy progress, capacity of structure of total position, network, dimensions, the flexibility of mature construction cost and network, make give a reasonable broadband to receive network program program to be weighed particularly should.

Current, how to solve large-scale the bottleneck problem that widens the network is received, for the whole world 1.05 billion existing receive a line to offer exceed broadband belt, already was the central point that current network technology grows. Bottleneck is opposite, can provide support to metallic thread two-way talk sufficient capacity, but the bandwidth that traditional copper cash can offer, have really to high-powered data network and Internet some try to do a difficult job as best one can, the user hopes to chat with the other side not only, and the fictitious picture that hopes to see the other side through video conference system, so, enter a technology to be being received traditionally (receive kind, receive wiring) raised high-powered requirement, in order to break through the bottleneck that the network receives link. The bottleneck of local loop road is caused as a result of the inferior bit rate that offers at present. In fact, besides the bandwidth limitation of road of this locality annulus, current data network technology already enough assures to provide service of tall bandwidth of athletic picture and other.
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