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Current, the FTTH that is based on PON technology undertakes getting like a raging fire in a few pilot cities, in the meantime, wiMAX also a new force suddenly rises is become smoothly In the standard that it is 3G. In backbone light the network already tended saturated circumstance falls, the huge market share that receives net territory can become each big operation business to contend for the motivation that invests undoubtedly. Fiber-optic receive and wireless receive having respective advantage respectively, fiber-optic have small loss, tall bandwidth, prevent the characteristic such as electromagnetism interference, and wireless receive the convenient and quick service that can bring nowhere to be absent to the user, and discharged the high cost with fiber-optic laid, then, people wants to be able to use a kind of technology will wired with wireless receive confluence to rise. Technology of Radio Over Fiber(ROF) is to answer this kind of demand and appear, and become the heat that increasing person studies.

2008 beginning, domestic telegraphic industry recombines the central point that makes people discussion, had forecasted with respect to people recombine plan for, operation business of future secures those who have his and mobile network, and hold battalion concurrently two parts business, change for the lowest of cost, the optimization of the network, operation firm is sure the confluence that can choose a network. Additional, look from the market, survey orgnaization investigation shows, in investigating an object, the scene that 60.6% think to basically appear in coming 5 years will be wireless with wired confluence (FMC) , most user will have phone of 1 many models, carry the network that suits most (can be fixed net, also can be wireless net) will have call.

So, no matter look from technology, policy or market drive, shirt-sleeve and sure those who make telegraphic henceforth trade is thematic with inevitable trend, the technology will tend shirt-sleeve, the network will tend shirt-sleeve, business also will tend shirt-sleeve, ROF technology also is sure to produce tremendous effect in prospective network confluence.

1. ROF technology introduces

ROF technology is to answer high speed high capacity is wireless communication demand, what the will fiber-optic communication that burgeoning development rises and union of wireless communication photograph rise is wireless receive a technology. Fine of consumed of the carry in ROF system serves as base station (BS) and central station (the transmission link between CS) , carrier wave of immediate profit consumed will transmit radio frequency signal. Fiber-optic the effect that has to transmit only, the second birth of exchange, control and signal stands in the center centrally, base the station realizes photoelectricity changeover only, such, can center complex and costly equipment to central site, let many Yuan Duanji stations share these facility, decrease base the power comsumption of the station and cost.
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