The circuit that advertisement of movie and TV makes

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Affirm completely when originality, enter permissibly film when level, the old practice that specification of the article table of originality of ad firm meeting general, picture and draft resolution give a client board (Storyboard) present gives the right company that make (the likelihood is more than) , note and with respect to advertisement piece length, norms, hand in dot of a date, purpose, task, clue, originality, atmosphere and contraindication to wait for necessary written specification,

Understand this advertisement with helping the company that make piece origin of object of originality setting, target, originality and expressional style are waited a moment. Note at the same time the requirement company that make is in definitive time present appraisal (Quotation) with the calendar that make (Schedule) in order to offer an alternative.

Appraisal: Receive script to explain when the company that make (after Storyboard Briefing) , the company that make can is opposite with respect to oneself originality

understanding beforehand the making plan with will likely estimate and relevant price report ad firm, affirm for ad firm and advertiser. General

, a reasonable appraised price should include to film preparation, film equipment, film field, film place situation, film prop, film take

Group of outfit, produce a film (division of director, production, cameraman, lighting engineer, art, makeup girl, clothing, modelling division, actor waits) , report

Force, turn magnetism, music, editing and rearrangement, acrobatics, 2 dimension and three-dimensional make, profit of the making cost such as dub and synthesis, company that make, taxes

Advertisement film makes medium whole side, add the calendar that make. Can include specific option plan even.

The client affirms: Report the appraisal of the company that make by ad firm client, after the client affirms, by client, advertisement fair

Autograph of the department, company that make establishs the specific contract that make. Next, design calendar with what affirm finally according to the contract (Schedule) , make

Make a company can prepare inside formulary time next make preparation meet for the first time (PPM1) .

The preparation before filming: During this, put up with of the company that make makes script (Shootingboard) , the director is elaborated, lamplight shadow

Scene of example of tone, music, can, scenic program, actor tries modelling of lens, actor, prop, dress... wait for concerned advertisement piece filmed place

Detail part undertakes comprehensive preparation works, appear advertisement originality in order to seek the optimal way that is advertisement film.

Make preparation meet for the first time: PPM is the abbreviate of English Pre-Product Meeting. On PPM, will by the company that make

Advertisement film films each medium detail report to client and ad firm, show reason. Normally the company that make can carry a newspaper more than
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