Treasure of MATROX much screen is perfect system of MAC of supportive apple comp

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The manufacturer of professional graph product with banner industry----Canadian MATROX company announces recently: The product of much screen treasure that wins large award repeatedly (DualHead2Go™Treasure of double screen much screen and TripleHead2Go™ treasure of 3 screen much screen) system of MAC of overall support apple. The graphical module that product of much screen treasure comes from MATROX company (GXM) product line, box of the buy outside connecting those who spend palmar bulk and malic MAC jotter and table machine are linked together, allow two to use a connection or 3 additional monitor, offer perfect much screen to show a solution for user of malic machine MAC thereby.

"MATROX provides the user that is MAC platform best can move value sex and convenience sex program " the business of MATROX graph company is in charge of Kaluolin to say with business, "MAC user can make full use of now the advantage that the technology of MATROX company gains much screen shows, and the wants product of treasure of will much screen and you only apple machine that should make makes simple connection "

The jotter that with a Shuang Bing much screen treasure can be an apple and table machine user create times doubler indication space and management more working jobs. If still need more indication spaces, treasure of 3 screen much screen can distinguish oneself. Patulous desktop space makes the job that professional number creates worker to be able to optimize his: They can have more places to put line of time of menu, toolbar, editor and over or across through many monitor the project project of many monitor, can conduce to the efficiency that provides production and creative work greatly.

To MAC system, setting of much screen treasure is unusually simple, do not need to open box, add any hardware and software, direct link is in of computer show card and video between. The operating system of MAC OS can detect directly much screen treasure, resemble supporting like exceeding wide screen monitor, offer the wide screen resolution of 2560*1024 and 3840*1024 in this machine directly. The resolution that GXM technology breaks up this wide screen gives two or the monitor of 3 standards resolution transmits corresponding signal to give them. Much screen treasure can utmost ground is compatible MAC system, make full use of the 2 D of original system, 3 D and video quicken function.

Systematic compatibility:
Complete compatibility list, visit Http:// of MATROX company website please

Supply and the price:
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Treasure of double screen much screen: 1999 yuan
Treasure of 3 screen much screen: 3499 yuan
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