After all what is " does much screen get stuck " ?

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Much screen shows card is a kind of special indication card, its have a lot of kinds to make a way, be like: Much screen gets stuck (Multi Screen) , much screen indication card, bull gets stuck (Multi Head) , bull shows joining together of card of joining together of card, joining together card, much screen, big screen gets stuck etc.

If your job is the information with much processing, if image, character, video is waited a moment, you must be in all sorts of frequent switch that use a program busy, although 25 inches monitor also cannot satisfy your requirement. This is, you have a bigger screen to perhaps a few monitor are used at the same time for you with respect to need, the applied process window that and can show your computer is medium on each monitor differs or joining together shows same content, a many screen shows card can help you realize these functions.

Much screen shows card can make a PC supports much stage monitor / TV; The picture that differs severally shows on different screen, a few monitor / the television can combine a big picture jointly again; The mouse can roam arbitrarily between many screen, but flowing move cursor by a screen random on another monitor, also can use random the program, by take up a screen expands to take up two more even a screen, also can be different application process at the same time between different screen aleatoric switch. Can install many check at the same time on a computer additionally, screen amount random chooses, screen means random is arranged; This will give you more indication information, and more comfortable, more convenient.

All sorts of software that much screen card can make you need, information is in on respective screen in the meantime the biggest change show. For instance: Handle word watch, you can express this word directly (Word, EXCELL) the file manages from the resource of WINDOWS implement pull a word to express processing software. Perhaps part on two screen the biggest change open WEB browser and email government program. Much screen indicates the good point of card, depend on can increasing size of broaden job window not just, more important is the working window that pass a PC and realizes more differring, the job that is you provided wide field.

Much screen shows card basically uses at: Big screen joining together (graph of joining together computer, video of joining together trends) umbriferous wall; Public security, military affairs, railroad, traffic, spaceflight, post and telecommunications, satellite blasts off wait for direct to attemper system; Graphical picture edits, three-dimensional animation, multimedia design; The process of industrial domain is controlled; Negotiable securities trades, information of futures, bank shows; CAD/CAM design, composing edits a system, video image editor waits for a domain.