Choose much screen to block need to consider what factor

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Diverse and confused of the brand that on the market many screen blocks now, model is complex, how to choose much screen card? , need considers what factor, ability satisfies use requirement adequately and economic and necessary cost. Put forward to a few consult for everybody below:

1, the technology is banner quality
Much screen and the banner degree of special indication technology decided the function of end item, if manufacturer of research and development can have the advanced technique that goes up to software from hardware, the function to the product will have decision effect. In the technology measure above should consider demand focal point whether contented, is not to see brand name only or a few test index that do not have immediate impact with technology, function. Now in the market very great screen blocks a product, use hardware core is a certain number of year ago, this meeting causes the bottleneck on function, and this kind of bottleneck is to cannot use board card design or drive design to try to improve, belong to congenital inadequacy. And still have a few new the firm that enters much screen industry, although be in three-dimensional processing or other side (if show calorie of market to have,lead) above have a few advantages, but be in after all the technology of much screen respect is not full-scale, this meeting creates the protective screen that cannot satisfy need adequately on much screen function, function.

2, the stability that much screen blocks
When the person that use is using much screen to get stuck, exceed function target even sometimes to the requirement of stability, be in important applying especially domain (wait like monitoring, military affairs, medical treatment) , the index of this respect (requirement of use environment of average time to failure, product) not allow to ignore.

3, product lifecycle
Once any products are applied at the industry, fashion stable solution, inside the time that can be in to be stabilized relatively with respect to need product supplier (want commonly a certain number of year exceed 10 years even) cannot stop to offer goods and service. And only half an year goes to the lifetime that much screen of the great majority on common now market blocks 9 years, so short time can be caused use plan research and development with the industry, carry out the time amlposition that go up, when personnel of research and development still fails to pay all use steadily program, the product eliminated the possibility. Look from another angle, the manufacturer is in when failing to improve hardware performance adequately the stablest level, focus attention to new hardware again.

4, the clear contrast of product function, function, test
After a lot of clients raise requirement, different works chamber of commerce offers different solution, look be like about the same, but the client often is met oversight perhaps does not know the substaintial distinction between different program, such meetings are caused just discover gradually in use process after plan is carried out a few cannot make up for be short of regret. So, level determines in plan, of side of each necessary function to product, plan, necessary function quite, the test is weighed particularly should, and do not keep attention key in the price merely above.
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