Horizon-2S of British Datapath company

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4 port graph blocks close-coupled quickly - 6U. Graph of 4 independent S3 Savage4 quickens engine (every passageway) , function is achieved best. Every passageway 8M SGRAM is offerred high resolution is mixed surprising video quality (in all 32M)   of highest 1600 X 1200 resembles every passageway 32 times element. Characteristic: Graphic card of odd chamfer double port, design for small-sized application Processor of two independent graphs (be in charge of a passageway each) achieve optimization performance Memory of every passageway 8Mbps SGRAM (highest resolution 1600*1200, 65, 536 color) reach surprising video mass Lattice of high resolution 300MHz like element Add options to support overlay of video living broadcast and TV Support Windows NT4, windows 2000 and Windows 98 Include TWIN control software Datapath Horizon-2S uses new technology, use a design for small-sized general affairs only, it has 175 millimeter to grow only, show for Shuang Bing Windows offer perfect solution, expanded your work area, and it takes up only chamfer of a PCI.

In fact, datapath Horizon-2S is the product of syncretic of a double card, it has the S3 Savage4 graph of two respective independence to quicken engine and two groups of 8Mbps SGRAM, each groups show a service for each only, can let each indication signal achieve so exceed clear picture quality, high resolution and colour deepness, highest 1600*1200 resolution can satisfy you all applied processes, if you need to increase screen to count again, need very simply to install many check again only can.

Because small-sized general affairs applies PCI chamfer is normally finite, and without additional AGP position, datapath Horizon-2S is this design technically namely. Additional, it still can assemble options to realize the indication of direct seeding video and TV signal.
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