Dispatch appropriate international will become Matrox China to always act as age

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Dispatch appropriate international shows card career ministry enters professional field, dispatch appropriate company will open two news briefings in June, elite shows clip, one is card of Matrox much screen. Dispatch appropriate company enters the field that show clip as access company, solid belong to inevitable. This one tall one low-lying and politic sex enters graphical picture field, mix its specialization the guiding ideology cent of the domain does not leave. Have advocate board fall in the circumstance of the hand with the LCD, domain of irruptive and professional image has powerful advantage. Guo Ronghui of vise general manager points out dispatch appropriate, matrox product advocate hit direction to be in " much screen applies a solution " :

1, finance, negotiable securities, much screen of futures job hall shows plan
2, the firm work much screen such as bank, broker and finance affairs shows plan
3, traffic of railroad, subway, highway attempers central much screen shows plan
4, much screen of center of emissive control of aerospace, satellite shows plan
5, much screen of video communication conference shows
6, the process of manufacturing industry controls much screen to show plan
7, much screen of room of center of command of public security fire control, monitoring shows plan
8, the TV station acts sow hall much screen to show plan
9, geological, irrigation works, electric power controls central much screen to show plan
10, groom center, parlor much screen shows plan
11, artistic center, the design reveals central much screen to show plan
12, station, dock much screen shows a system
13, much screen of supermarket, shopping centers shows plan
14, program of aviation airport much screen
15, exhibition, reveal much screen of service center, playground house to show plan

Future of dispatch appropriate company must go in advanced channel up, is not the domain that just wanders in common access, beginning high-ranking domain from graphic card domain is certain way.

And Matrox company is Canadian graph company, show the father of tide more, graphical image technology is banner group human relations, it is the graphic card manufacturer that produces professional graph program for professional personage, be close to the 2D that will 30 years offer tall qualitative innovation for the client all the time, 3D and video graph accelerator. The graphical chip design that it combined to suffer praise highly fully, reliable software development and the professional knowledge that produce graphic card, the video quality with super product, set a body practical be famous in the whole world with beyond question stability. The design of the graphical plan of Matrox Graphics and support, the screen eye shot that all is aimed at extensive use, professional personage is set with working benefit, wu demands your result excelsior.